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Common Questions - OUAC 101

Which Application Should I Complete?

  1. I will not be attending high school until the second semester. What application should I complete?

  2. I am currently attending an Ontario high school, but I will have fewer than six 4U/M courses finished this year. Should I use the high school application (101)?

  3. I have a high school diploma from a school outside the province, but I am currently taking some 4U/M courses at an Ontario high school during the day. Which application should I complete?

  4. I am currently attending high school, but have attended a postsecondary institution. Which application should I use?

Logging in to Your Application

  1. I am trying to log in to my application but it is asking me for my OUAC Reference Number. What is my OUAC Reference Number?

  2. I already submitted my application made some mistakes. I am not able to get back into my application. What should I do?

  3. I lost my OUAC Reference Number. Can you give it to me?

  4. I forget my password. Can you give it to me?

Application Process

  1. The university is asking me for my 11-digit OUAC Reference Number. Where do I find this?

  2. I transferred to a different school after first semester (or halfway through the school year). Who informs the OUAC and the universities about this change?

  3. How can I find out the status of my online application?

  4. How do I cancel my application?

  5. Due to a serious illness (or a death in the family or another cause) my academic performance was affected. What should I do?

  6. Am I responsible for sending my high school midterm grades to the university?

  7. What is the Advanced Placement exam?

  8. I’m taking a summer school course and my friend is upgrading (or repeating) a course. Will this affect our admission?

  9. I am taking courses at two different schools. How will my grades be sent to the universities?

  10. Does it matter how I number my university or program choices?

  11. How many universities and programs can I choose to apply to on my application?

  12. I will finish my OSSD (including six 4U/M courses) at the end of January. Can I begin university studies then?

  13. I am in the process of completing my application and I noticed that none of my grades are displayed under “Academic Information”. Should I still complete and submit my application?

  14. I want to apply to an entry point other than fall but only a fall entry is listed. What should I do?

Payment Information

  1. I indicated online banking as my method of payment. I want to pay by credit card now. How can I do this?

  2. I want to add program choices to my application online but I do not want to pay by credit card. What can I do?

Offers of Admission

  1. When will I know if I am admitted to a university?

  2. How do I accept my offer of admission?

  3. Can I change my mind at a later date?

  4. I received an offer of admission and was instructed to accept it online; however, my offer does not display on my online application. What should I do?

  5. I have received an offer of admission and was instructed to accept it online, but I have limited internet access. What should I do?

  6. I have decided to attend a university outside of Ontario next year. How do I cancel my acceptance to an Ontario university?

  7. I accepted my offer online but when I go back in to my application, there is no acceptance listed in the “Applicant Response” column. What happened?

  8. Can I defer my acceptance until next year or later?

  9. I am trying to accept my offer online but it says the offer has expired. What can I do?

  10. What can I do if I am refused admission to all of my choices?

  11. When I accept an offer of admission, does it mean that I will not be considered for any other offers?

  12. I have just accepted an offer online and “Unsubmitted Acceptance” appears under “Applicant Response”. Have I done something wrong in accepting the offer?

  13. I’m going to be away from home or out of the country for part of the year. Can I have someone else accept an offer of admission?

  14. I have accepted my offer online but have changed my mind. I now want to apply to a different program at the same university. How can I change my program choice?


  1. Is it worth it?

  2. What is the OUAC and what does it do?

  3. I have a disability. Who should I contact for information about services?

  4. I may need financial assistance to attend university. What about scholarships?