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OLSAS Application Components

Review instructions thoroughly as you are responsible for submitting correct and complete information. Instructions can be found in the “Help” sections.

Title Headers

Main Information about the application process.
Submit Review the information that you have entered and note any missing information. Once satisfied, you can submit your application.
Log Out Use anytime you wish to log out of your application.

Application Links

Account Find your user ID and change your password.
Provide your full legal name, date of birth, citizenship, and language information.
Provide your home, mailing and email addresses.
Questions Answer questions concerning your previous academic experience.
Choices Select the law school programs you are applying to.
Sketch Provide biographical information about yourself and outline your activities since high school. This information is organized into seven different categories.
Referees Ask individuals, or “referees”, to provide a reference on your behalf using the Confidential Reference Form. You must provide their names and addresses.
LSAT Record your LSAT scores and/or test dates.
Enter information about the universities and/or colleges that you attended/are currently attending.
Transcripts Request your Ontario university transcripts.
Answer additional questions or submit an essay, as required by certain universities. All of these requirements are found within the OLSAS online application. Note: There are limits to the length of your answers.

Quick Links

Info A collection of general information that may be useful when you apply to an Ontario law school. This includes the OLSAS Instruction Booklet [PDF] broken into subsections for quicker access to specific information.
About OLSAS A brief description of OLSAS and the OUAC.
OUAC & Privacy Information about the security of the OUAC website and emails, and how the OUAC uses the data we collect.
A brief overview of what you are expected to do as an applicant.
Contact Info Contact information for OLSAS and Ontario law schools.