Tutorial #3: How to Prepare and Submit Your 101 Application (Transcript – Text Only)

Hello. Welcome to the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre, or “OUAC”. This video tutorial #3 will walk you through the steps you need to complete to submit your 101 online application.

Once you’ve logged in, under the “Application Links” navigation menu, go through each page and complete all of the required information. We will go through each of these sections.

In the “Personal Information” section, some information may already be provided by your high school. Make sure you verify the information and update it as necessary. Do not use nicknames or abbreviations. Take your time, and make sure you complete every field. To save your changes, select “Save and Continue”. Your saved information will then be displayed – double-check it, and then move to the next step: Contact Information.

Complete the “Contact Information” section as you did the previous section. Add your home and mailing address and at least one phone number.

Your school may have already provided this information, so simply verify the information and make any necessary corrections. Ensure that the email address you provided in your OUAC Account is up-to-date because email is the primary mode of communication for the universities and the OUAC. You will receive your OUAC acknowledgement email, university offers of admission, and other important information via email.

In “Academic Background”, provide information about all institutions where you have registered in one or more secondary or postsecondary courses. These institutions include, but are not limited to: Day schools, night schools, summer schools and online schools.

In the “Program Choices” section you can add programs to your application.

For further information about adding programs to your application, watch video tutorial #2: How to Browse and Add Programs to your online Application.
Complete the “Additional University Details” section only if you have previously applied to an Ontario university.

In “Other Information”, fill in the appropriate information as it applies to you. If some sections do not apply to you, you can leave them blank.

Your academic information has been provided by your secondary school in the “Current High School Information and Grades” section. Verify your grades information for accuracy. You cannot change this data yourself, but if you see anything that is incorrect, make a note of it, and then inform your guidance counsellor – they will update the information for you. Even if the information is incorrect or missing entirely, continue to go through the application and submit it.

When you’re ready to submit, click “Review and Submit”.

At this point, you have completed all the necessary information to submit your application. Note that you can go back to any of these steps, at any point, before submitting the application.

You will see all your application information, including the total amount you will have to pay. Check this information very carefully and make sure that it is correct. If you need to make any changes, use the Application Links to go back to the appropriate screen and make the changes. Then return to “Review and Submit”.

Now you have successfully prepared to submit your 101 application. For the next steps to complete the submit process, watch video tutorial #4 “How to Submit and Pay for your application”.

Thank you for watching.