Tutorial #5: How to Review and/or Change Your Completed 101 Application (Transcript – Text Only)

Hello! Welcome back to the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre, or “OUAC” website: www.ouac.on.ca.

Once you have applied to an Ontario university, you can access your online application to make any necessary changes, and you can accept, or decline, university offers of admission. This video tutorial will walk you through the steps of making any necessary changes to your application.

At this point in the application process:

  • you can review all of the application information you provided to the OUAC;
  • you can add, withdraw or change your university or program choices;
  • you can make changes to your personal or address information;
  • you can respond to university offers of admission; and
  • you can pay your application fee, if you have not already done so; (Please note: It will take one business day to process your payment before you can access your application.)

To access your submitted application, select “Undergrad (101)” for current Ontario high school students. You can also access this page directly at: www.ouac.on.ca/ouac-101. Click the link to log in.

On the Log In page, enter your username and password. If you forget your login information, you can either recover your username or request a temporary password. Follow the instructions on each page to recover your login information.

When ready, click “Log In”.

To review or change your application information, click on any of the Application Links to go to the applicable section.

In “Current High School Information and Grades”, you can view your academic information provided by your secondary school. If you see anything that is incorrect, make a note of it, and then inform your guidance counsellor – they will update the information for you.

In each of section, remember to click “Save and Continue”, at the bottom of the page to save your changes to your account. Note: If you log out and exit your application at this point without completing the submit process, your changes will not be submitted to the universities. To complete the submit process, go to “Review and Submit”.

You will see a record of your changes at the top of the page in the Amendment Summary.

Review your changes. Scroll to the bottom and hit “I verify and agree” to submit them.

It is important to note that: If you make any changes to your application that require payment, you must pay by credit card, using VISA, MasterCard or American Express.

When you have completed the submit process and paid any necessary fees you will come to the Complete page with your confirmation number. Print this page for your records. If you do not receive a confirmation number, your changes have not been submitted to the OUAC. Please try again.

For information on adding or withdrawing programs on your submitted 101 application, watch tutorial #6.