How to Browse and Add Programs to Your 105 Application (Transcript – Text Only)

Hello. Welcome to the “Ontario Universities’ Application Centre”, or OUAC, website: This video tutorial will demonstrate how to browse programs and add them to your online application.

Before you create your OUAC account or log in to your application you can browse programs anonymously. To do so, choose the “Browse Programs” button.

You can see that you are not logged in, but you are still able to search by university.

Let’s log in to the application and add some programs.

To begin, select “Browse Programs” in the left-hand navigation bar in the “Application Links” menu.

Now we are back on the screen we saw before with a number of ways to browse or select programs.

If you’ve done your research and know exactly which program you would like to add, you can enter the program code in the Fast Track option.

For this demonstration, we will search “By University”.

At the top of the page, you have links to review the university requirements or visit the university’s website.

Next, we see any important admission information, followed by a list of all programs available at this university. Once you’ve read the text at the top, select the program that interests you.

The next page shows the program details. Program-specific information can be found at the top of the page. This information may include prerequisites, important deadlines and additional admission requirements such as supplementary forms, profile questionnaires and more. Read this section very carefully. You may also click the “Admission Requirements” link for additional university information.

Next, complete the program details.

  • “Expected Date of Enrollment” is when you wish to start classes.
  • Select a “Subject of Major Interest” if one is available for the program you are applying to.
  • Other programs may have additional program detail fields that you will need to complete (for example, “Co-op option”) but this will depend on the program.

Once all this information has been completed, click “Save Program”.

You are now on the “Program Choices” page. From here, you can choose to add a new program, you can delete a program, or you can select “Change” to go back to the Program Details screen and change your options.

On this page you will also rank your program selections in order of preference by changing the numbers in the “Choice Number” column. The order you place your program choices in does not affect your scholarship or admission consideration at the universities, unless a university specifically states that it does. Where there are exceptions, the universities will state their policies clearly in their own literature.

When ready, select “Save Ordered Choices”. You will see a message at the top that says all changes have been saved.

Remember, you can apply to as many universities as you wish. However, you are limited to a maximum of 3 programs at any 1 university. Some universities may further limit the number of programs that you can apply to. Contact the universities directly for more information.

Now you have successfully learned how to browse programs, add a choice to your online application and how to order your choices.

Check out the OUAC’s YouTube channel for more information on submitting your application. Thank you for watching.