OUAC History

How It All Started

Before the OUAC was developed, students applied directly to individual universities and replied to offers of admission as received. Inevitably, some universities had to cope with a surplus of registrations and others suffered from “no shows”; students had to cope with a somewhat uncoordinated multi-application environment.

With the significant growth in the demand for postsecondary studies in Ontario came the desire to improve the enrollment management and planning process. Thus, with the provincial government’s encouragement and support, the OUAC was born.

Our First Processing Cycle

The OUAC was founded in 1971 by the Council of Ontario Universities (formerly the Committee of Presidents of the Universities of Ontario) and the Ontario Universities’ Council on Admissions. We began partial operation in August 1971 and completed our first official processing cycle for first-year undergraduate applications in the fall of 1972.

Benefits of Centralization

Centralization improved the ability to control multiple acceptances of offers of admission, and helped to significantly reduce duplication and cost in processing multiple applications.

The benefits of centralization were quickly realized, and resulted in the centralized admissions processing for many of Ontario’s professional programs.

First official processing years:

  • 1975: Ontario’s medical schools
  • 1979: Ontario’s faculties of education
  • 1996: Ontario’s law schools
  • 1999:Ontario’s rehabilitation sciences programs

The OUAC Today

Our services have expanded over the years in to other areas, including:

  • producing and distributing numerous publications;
  • centralizing the distribution of application materials worldwide;
  • administering various university and applicant surveys;
  • producing statistical reports for government and institutional planning purposes;
  • collecting and distributing electronic university transcripts;
  • and other related tasks.

We are registered as a non-profit agency operating under the auspices of the Council of Ontario Universities and serve the province’s 20 member universities. Our activities are monitored by an Advisory Board, which includes representatives from all of the OUAC’s user groups.

Our current automated, online application and grades collection processes are achieved through innovative technology, systems, policies and procedures, and data management activities and are highly regarded internationally. These user-friendly, cost effective and efficient data collection processes continue to be a source of pride for the Ontario university system.