Our Funding

The OUAC is fully funded through application and contract revenues. We operate on a cost-recovery basis, and any excess revenue is transferred to the universities.

Finance and Fees Breakdown

Approximately 66% of the fees collected from the undergraduate applications, and all supplementary fees from professional and undergraduate applications, are transferred to the universities to support their admissions processing costs.

Last fiscal year, the OUAC transferred:

  • $30.9 million (net of university supplemental and transcript fees) to the universities.
  • $17.4 million from the professional and undergraduate supplemental and transcript fees to the universities.

The OUAC’s annual operating budget is derived from application service fees and contract services revenue.

  • Last year’s operating budget was $16.2 million.

Summary of OUAC Expenses and Transfers (2015-2016)

(Excludes supplementary and transcript fees)

Pie chart of OUAC expenses and transfers

66% Transferred to the universities
34% OUAC expenses, divided as follows:

  • 24% Salaries/Benefits
  • 6% Computers/Office Equipment
  • 2% General Administration
  • 1% Facilities
  • 1% Communications