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Brand Story

The Original Logo 1992-2017

In 1992, the Ontario colleges opened their own application service in Guelph, called OCAS. Shortly after OCAS’ arrival, Guelph postal services began confusing OCAS with the OUAC and both operations began receiving large quantities of one another’s mail, which is why our Executive Director determined that a distinctive logo be placed on all OUAC printed materials to reduce post office confusion.

OUAC Logo 1992-2017


In addition to differentiating the OUAC from OCAS, the OUAC logo also represents:

  • the processing and movement of information in an interactive manner;
  • free and open space;
  • a path (e.g., to higher education);
  • a synthesis of ideas and information;
  • open exchange of ideas and information;
  • having a capacity for adaptive change;
  • service;
  • flowing knowledge;
  • open communication channels;
  • receiving and sending;
  • individual movement;
  • teamwork; and
  • the circle represents the collective Ontario university system.

OUAC Rebrand 2017

In 2016-2017 the OUAC underwent a rebrand. The new logo represents the same meaning as the previous logo, with a more contemporary look. Each division was given a new colour and icon.

In the Assets section, you will find logo files in several formats. Modification of our logos is prohibited. Pre-designed templates cannot be deviated from and must remain true to their initial designs. For assistantce, email OUAC Communications.

Stacked Logo

The stacked logo is the one you should use (where possible). If a restriction does not allow use of the full colour logo, use the black or white (reverse) versions.

OUAC Stacked Vertical full colour logos in English and French

Wide Logo

The wide logo is used on websites and in horizontal designs. If a restriction does not allow use of the full colour logo, use the black or white (reverse) versions.

Horizontal OUAC full colour logo in English and French

Black and White (Reverse) Logos

If a single colour logo is required, use one of the following black or white (reverse) logos. The logo colour you select depends on the background colour it is being displayed on. We recommend choosing the one that creates the greatest contrast from the background colour.

Black Logos


Stacked Vertical Black OUAC logo in English and French

Horizontal black OUAC logo in English and French

White (Reverse) Logos

Stacked Vertical Reverse OUAC logo in English and French

Horizontal reverse OUAC logo in English and French

Logo Usage

Follow these guidelines when displaying the OUAC logo. The ideal space around the logo is equal to the “swoosh” in the wordmark. Any space smaller than half of the “swoosh” should not be used.

Spacing around the OUAC logo should equal the size of the "swoosh"


General OUAC Colours

Hex: #4A7E8C
RGB: 76, 126, 140
Hex: #474747
RGB: 71, 71, 71

OUAC Division Colours

Undergrad (101)
Hex: #294E6A
RGB: 41, 78, 106
Undergrad (105)
Hex: #C73649
RGB: 199, 54, 73
Hex: #574A8F
RGB: 87, 74, 143
Rehabilitation Sciences (ORPAS)
Hex: #C54E1B
RGB: 197, 78, 27
Teaching (TEAS)
Hex: #3D73D4
RGB: 61, 115, 212
Medicine (OMSAS)
Hex: #408210
RGB: 64, 130, 16


Each OUAC division has an icon associated with it to increase recognition.

Undergrad (101)

Undergrad (105)
Rehabilitation Sciences (ORPAS)
Teaching (TEAS)
Medicine (OMSAS)


The OUAC brand font is Roboto, a web font from Google. This font allows our brand to match in print and on screen. If this font isn’t available in the program you are using, use Arial.


Need to use the OUAC logo? We have made it available here in 3 common formats – JPG, PNG and EPS. In the .zip file for each logo format, you will find the stacked and horizontal logos in full colour, black and white (reverse). For assistance, email OUAC Communications.