Guidance Dialogues Brand Guidelines

Last updated: March 9, 2023

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Referencing Guidance Dialogues

General Guidelines

  • Use the short form for marketing, promotional and website publications, unless otherwise noted.
  • Use acronyms for official documents, names and position titles in both English and French (e.g., “the OUGD Chair” and not “the Guidance Dialogues Chair”).
Event Acronym Short Form Singular Guidelines
Ontario Universities’ Guidance Dialogues OUGD Guidance Dialogues Guidance Dialogues event Spell out the first instance. Use acronym for official documents and titles only, otherwise use short form.

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Guidance Dialogues Colours

Primary Brand Colour OUGD Green
Hex: #124734
RGB: 18, 71, 52
CMYK: 87, 45, 78, 49

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The primary typeface for Guidance Dialogues is Gravity, a font by Vincenzo Vuono. This font allows our brand to match in print and on screen.

If this font is not available in the program you are using, use Arial.

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Graphic design may also include 1 of 5 icons created by the Council of Ontario Universities.

  • Each icon circle has 21 dots.
  • The icons may be used on all corporate communications.
  • Colours: Pantone 444 for the 21 dots and the inside graphic.
  • Sizing: The minimum icon print size is .3 inch

Recruitment icons for community, deliver, education, parents and students

To obtain a full suite of icons, email us.

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General Rules of Use

The Ontario universities’ recruitment logos all follow the brand guidelines from the Council of Ontario Universities. Here are some guidelines for the more common uses. For a complete list of rules and restrictions when using an Ontario universities’ logo, email us.

Follow these guidelines when displaying the Guidance Dialogues logos.


View French logos.

Logo Type Usage Sample
Stacked Logo (Vertical) The stacked logo is the one you should use (where possible). OUGD Stacked Vertical full colour logo in English
Wide Logo (Horizontal) Wide logos are used on websites and in horizontal designs. Horizontal OUGD full colour logo in English
Colour Logo – Half Reversed If the logo will be on a grey background, use the logo with the Ontario Universities’ in white (“half reverse”). Stacked Vertical Half Reverse OUGD logo in English
Single Colour Logo If a restriction does not allow use of the full colour logo, use the black or white (reverse) logos. The logo colour you select depends on the background colour it is being displayed on. We recommend choosing the one that creates the greatest contrast from the background colour. Stacked Vertical Black OUGD logo in English
Stacked Vertical Reverse OUGD logo in English

Symbol (Dots)

The 21 dots represent the member universities coming together. The position and colours of the dots must not be altered.

Dot placement in logo outlining size and space between them.


The ideal space around the logo is equal to the “O” in Ontario.

Spacing around the Ontario Universities logo should equal the size of the "O"


The minimum logo print size is 2 inches in width. The minimum logo digital size is 200 pixels in width.

Incorrect Uses

The logo may not be stretched, sized or changed in any way. It must always be portrayed as is.

Examples of incorrect usage of the Ontario Universities logo
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Logo Downloads

Note: Any user has an obligation to ensure that Ontario universities’ recruitment logos are used in accordance with the conditions set out on this page. OUAC Communications and Events must approve all use of the logo. For assistance or to gain approval, email us.

Format Notes
Guidance Dialogues Logo – EPS [.zip]
Guidance Dialogues Logo – JPG [.zip]
Guidance Dialogues Logo – PNG [.zip]
In the .zip file for each logo format, you will find the stacked and horizontal English and French logos in full colour.

Email us for additional formats.

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