Undergraduate (105 Domestic)

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Applicant Responsibilities

It is your responsibility to do the following:

  • become familiar with and observe the application procedures at each school to which they apply.
  • ensure you review instructions thoroughly as you are responsible for submitting correct and complete information.

Each applicant is only allowed 1 application (online or paper) in any given processing year.

  • Each application processing year includes entry dates from January (winter semester) to September (fall semester). If the year specified on the main page of the 105 online application is different than the year in which you plan to study in an Ontario university, contact the OUAC.
  • The OUAC will immediately send online applicants an acknowledgement email when their application has been processed.
  • It is the applicant's responsibility to research the deadline dates for the programs in which they are interested. The OUAC does not have a deadline date for the submission of the OUAC 105 application and therefore will process applications received after a university's stipulated deadline date. The OUAC will not refund fees paid under any circumstances. Deadlines are provided on most university information sections.
  • It is the applicant's responsibility to research the admission requirements for the programs in which they are interested prior to submitting an application and payment. The OUAC will process applications regardless of eligibility or qualifications. The OUAC will not refund fees paid.
  • Log in to your application to verify your application information and all changes. Paper applicants may verify their application information online.

Please review the Declaration and Notice of Collection, Use, Disclosure and Treatment of Personal Information Provided as Part of Your University(ies) Undergraduate Program(s) (105) Application. If you submit this application, you will be required, at the time of submission, to accept the terms and conditions in this statement.