Ontario Secondary School Application (101)

Help | Ontario Secondary School Application (101)

Applicant Responsibilities

It is your responsibility to do the following:

  • become familiar with and observe the application procedures at each school you apply to.
  • ensure that you review instructions thoroughly as you are responsible for submitting correct and complete information.

    You must:

    • Conduct the necessary research using eINFO, the comprehensive guide to Ontario Universities for secondary school students, through university handbooks, university visits, the University Information Program (UIP), parents and guidance counsellors to determine your university programs.
    • Meet university-specific admission deadlines (e.g., for the submission of portfolios, interviews, auditions).
    • Complete the online application and pay the applicable fees by the stipulated deadline dates.
    • Verify that all information provided on the online application is correct and complete.
    • Keep the OUAC, and therefore the universities, informed of changes to your personal information and university/program selections.
    • Contact your guidance counsellor immediately if your academic data is inaccurate.

    Certain information is supplied automatically on your behalf by your school or school board. However, other information, such as supporting documentation, must be provided by you when required by the universities. You should therefore read all instructions carefully and ensure that this documentation is received at the universities by the applicable deadline.

    Please review the Declaration and Notice of Collection, Use, Disclosure and Treatment of Personal Information provided as part of your application to Ontario University(ies) Undergraduate Program(s) (101). If you submit this application, you will be required, at the time of submission, to accept the terms and conditions in this statement.