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Select Programs - University of Toronto Mississauga

You may select only one program.

Eligible applicants may be considered for appropriate alternate choices within the University of Toronto Mississauga if not admitted to their preferred choice. Specific information about courses and programs can be found at

Program TitleProgram Code
Chemical & Physical Sciences - U of T MississaugaTMW [CLOSED]
Commerce (including Accounting, Finance, Marketing) - U of T MississaugaTME [CLOSED]
Commun­ication, Culture, Information & Technology - U of T MississaugaTMC [CLOSED]
Computer Science, Mathematics & Statistics - U of T MississaugaTMZ [CLOSED]
Forensic Science - U of T MississaugaTMK [CLOSED]
Humanities - U of T MississaugaTMH [CLOSED]
Life Sciences - U of T MississaugaTML [CLOSED]
Management - U of T MississaugaTMG [CLOSED]
Psychology - U of T MississaugaTMP [CLOSED]
Social Sciences - U of T MississaugaTMS [CLOSED]
Theatre & Drama (Joint program with Sheridan College) (audition required) - U of T MississaugaTMT [CLOSED]
Visual Studies - U of T MississaugaTEV [CLOSED]