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Select Programs - Applied Science and Engineering

You may select only one program.

Applicants interested in alternate engineering choices may indicate these on the online student profile. A completed student profile and profile fee of $60 are required of all applicants. See for detailed information. All applications to the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering will be carefully reviewed upon submission of the Online Student Profile, Engineering Assessment Fee and any required documentation. As part of the Faculty's broad-based admissions approach, the Faculty may consider OUAC program choice as a factor in admission decisions. Paid work experience opportunities are available through our Professional Experience Year.

Program TitleProgram Code
TrackOne, Undeclared Engineering - St. George CampusTEO [CLOSED]
Chemical Engineering - St. George CampusTB [CLOSED]
Civil Engineering - St. George CampusTV [CLOSED]
Computer Engineering - St. George CampusTCS [CLOSED]
Electrical Engineering - St. George CampusTE [CLOSED]
Engineering Science - St. George CampusTK [CLOSED]
Industrial Engineering - St. George CampusTI [CLOSED]
Materials Engineering - St. George CampusTTM [CLOSED]
Mechanical Engineering - St. George CampusTM [CLOSED]
Mineral Engineering - St. George CampusTG [CLOSED]