Frequently Asked Questions: Undergrad (101)

How do I link my OUAC application to my OSAP application?

Applications: Undergrad (101), Undergrad (105) Categories: OSAP

You can link using any of these options: Go directly to the OSAP website. Click any of the OSAP banners/links on the OUAC website or within your application. Click your “OSAP Link Status” within your completed OUAC application. If you are new to OSAP, choose “Register” and follow these steps: You will need your SIN…

How many universities and programs can I choose to apply to on my application?

Applications: Undergrad (101) Categories: Application Process

You may apply to as many Ontario universities/programs as you wish; however, you are limited to a maximum of 3 program choices at any 1 university (including affiliates). Some universities may further limit the number of programs you may apply to. Make sure that you carefully read the details and instructions offered by each institution.…

I accepted my offer online but when I go back in to my application, there is no acceptance listed in the “Applicant Response” column. What happened?

There is no acceptance listed because you did not successfully accept an offer of admission. To successfully accept an offer of admission: Click the offer link in the “Offers of Admission” column in your application. Click “Accept” to accept the offer (or “Decline” to decline the offer if that option is available). Click “I’m ready…

I already submitted my application but I made some mistakes. I am not able to get back into my application. What should I do?

Once your fee is received at the OUAC and your application has been processed (which may take 1-3 business days), you can make changes or corrections to your application online. You will need your username and password to access your application.

I am currently attending an Ontario high school, but I will have fewer than six 4U/M courses finished this year. Should I use the high school application (101)?

If the programs you wish to apply to stipulate that you must present six 4U/M courses for admission and you will not satisfy this requirement, you should consult your guidance counsellor or the OUAC to determine the appropriate application.

I am currently attending high school, but have attended a postsecondary institution. Which application should I use?

If you are currently enrolled in a day program at a high school but have attended a postsecondary institution, you must apply through the 105 application. You must make arrangements with your high school to forward all your academic data to the universities you selected. If your high school is in Ontario, see “How can…

I am in the process of completing my application and I noticed that none of my grades are displayed under “Current High School Information and Grades”. Should I still complete and submit my application?

Applications: Undergrad (101) Categories: Application Process

Yes, you should submit your application. Your high school created an OUAC account for you, allowing you to apply online, but has not yet added any academic data. You should contact your guidance counsellor to ensure that all your previously completed and current courses are added to your application for you.

I am taking a summer school course. How will the universities get my marks?

Applications: Undergrad (101) Categories: Application Process

Grades from summer school courses are submitted to the OUAC by the summer school or the school board. Verify with your summer school that either they or the school board will be sending the marks directly to the OUAC on your behalf. If this is not the case, you must arrange for an official final…

I am taking courses at 2 different schools. How will my grades be sent to the universities?

Applications: Undergrad (101) Categories: Application Process

If you are taking courses at more than 1 school, the school that created your OUAC Account will be designated as your “home” school. Your “home” school and any other school(s) you are attending can submit academic data to the OUAC on your behalf. Include all schools where you are taking, or have taken, courses…

I am trying to accept my offer online but it says the offer has expired. What can I do?

If the offer link is still active, you may select it to accept. The university is allowing you to accept this offer after the expiry date. However, before accepting this offer, you should contact the university to verify how long the offer is valid after the expiry date, especially if you are cancelling an accepted…