Frequently Asked Questions: Undergrad (105)

I have a disability and require assistance to complete the application. How can you help me?

Applications: Undergrad (101), Undergrad (105) Categories: Other

If you require assistance with your application, contact Applicant Services at 519-823-1063. You may also visit Accessibility to request a document in an accessible format.

I have a high school diploma from a school outside the province, but I am currently taking some 4U/M courses at an Ontario high school during the day. Which application should I complete?

If you have previously attended a high school in another province or country and will have less than six 4U/M courses, you should complete the 105 application. However, if your secondary school grants you enough equivalent credits toward your OSSD to meet the six 4U/M requirement, you are eligible to apply to university using the…

I have accepted my offer online but have changed my mind. I now want to apply to a different program at the same university. How can I change my program choice?

Contact the university’s admission office directly for clarification, as some universities may issue you only 1 offer of admission. Depending on the university’s policy for offers of admission, you could be advised to: Add the new program choice to your application. If you already have 3 program choices selected in your application, you will need…

I have decided to attend a university outside of Ontario next year. How do I cancel my acceptance to an Ontario university?

If you have already accepted an offer at an Ontario university and decide not to attend that institution, you must cancel your acceptance. Log in to your application. Go to “Choices/Offers”. Click “Accepted”. Click “Cancel”. Click “I’m ready to submit my response/changes”. Verify your application information, review the Applicant’s Declaration and click “I verify and…

I have just accepted an offer online and “Unsubmitted Acceptance” appears under “Applicant Response”. Have I done something wrong in accepting the offer?

“Unsubmitted Acceptance” appears on the “Choices/Offers” screen after you click on an offer and accept it. At this point, you have indicated that you want to accept a specific offer but have not submitted the acceptance to the OUAC. To properly accept the offer of admission, click “Review and Submit” and complete the submit process.…

I have not been able to find the answer to my question in any of the FAQs or on the OUAC website. How do I contact the OUAC?

Applications: Teacher (TEAS), Undergrad (101), Undergrad (105) Categories: Other

You can contact us by phone, email or live chat. If your question is about TEAS, contact us by Secure Applicant Messaging (SAM).

I indicated online banking as my method of payment. I want to pay by credit/debit card now. How can I do this?

If you chose Online Banking as your payment type when you submitted your application, but now wish to pay by credit/debit card, log back in to your application using your username and password. You will be taken to the “Submit My Application: Payment” screen where all payment options will be available to you again.

I lost my OUAC Reference Number. Can you give it to me?

The OUAC requires your full name, address, birth date and other relevant application information to verify your identity before providing your OUAC Reference Number. You will find your OUAC reference number in the email that was sent to you when you submitted your application and in the left navigation menu of your application when you…

I may need financial assistance to attend university. What about scholarships?

Applications: Undergrad (101), Undergrad (105) Categories: Other

You can take advantage of a variety of scholarships available at all Ontario universities. The Ontario Government also has a financial aid program to assist students in need of funding in order to pursue a university education. Some university scholarships are available for applicants entering their first year of study and some are renewable for…

I no longer wish to link my OUAC and OSAP applications and wish to remove my consent. What should I do?

Applications: Undergrad (101), Undergrad (105) Categories: OSAP

Log in to your OUAC application and select “OSAP Link Status” from the left-side navigation bar. Click “Unlink From OSAP”.