Common Questions: Undergrad (105)

I want to apply to an entry point other than fall but only a fall entry is listed. What should I do?

The universities have supplied the OUAC with the entry points available for each program. You will need to contact them directly to verify whether they offer entry points other than those listed. If they offer other entry points, they will either indicate to you that they will change your file once they have received your…

I will not be attending high school until the second semester. What application should I complete?

You can use the 101 application if the following apply: you will have six 4U/M courses; you will receive/have received the OSSD; you have not been out of high school for 7 consecutive months; and you have not attended a postsecondary institution. Some high schools will not allow you to complete the application from their…

If I accept an offer now, can I change my mind at a later date?

Yes. If you accept an offer but later wish to accept a different offer, you will need to first cancel your accepted offer and then accept the new offer by the stipulated deadline date. Be sure to consider all other factors such as scholarships, residence acceptance and deposits before you make your final decision.

Is everyone eligible to have their OUAC and OSAP accounts linked?

Applications: Undergrad (101), Undergrad (105) Categories: OSAP

No. The service is only available for 2018 undergraduate applicants (101/105). The ability to link OUAC and OSAP accounts is only available if you applied for 2018 entry with the OUAC 101 or 105 (undergraduate) application.

I’m getting a warning about my address when I try to submit my application. Why is this happening?

You must enter a home address and a mailing address, even if these 2 addresses are the same. A mailing address is the address where you receive postal mail. It is not your email address.

I’m stuck on the “Additional University Details” screen in the 105D application. What do I do?

Applications: Undergrad (105) Categories: During Application

If this section does not apply to you, simply click “Save” and move on to the next section.

My credit card statement shows “OUAC Guelph”. I did not apply to the University of Guelph. Is there a problem?

“OUAC Guelph” refers to the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre. We are located in Guelph, Ontario. The OUAC processes all applications and payments. The specific universities you applied to will not be listed on your credit card invoice.

My current school listed is wrong in the application. How can I update this information?

If a school you attended, but are not currently attending, has created your PIN, this information cannot be updated until after you submit your application. Note: You cannot update this information yourself. Once submitted, your guidance counsellor can call us to update your school information. Contact your guidance counsellor to get this process started.

The application did not charge me for supplementary fees and I am worried my application will not be processed.

Some applicants are exempt from paying supplementary fees. The system will automatically exempt you if you qualify and your application will be processed.