Common Questions: Medical (OMSAS)

What happens if my foreign transcripts do not arrive by the deadline?

Applications: Medical (OMSAS) Categories: During Application

OMSAS will send all transcripts to the medical schools, regardless of the date they arrive. It will be at the discretion of each medical school as to how they wish to proceed with late documents.

What should I include in the Sketch/School Submissions/Verifiers sections?

Applications: Law (OLSAS), Medical (OMSAS) Categories: During Application

Applicants must decide for themselves which information to include in the autobiographical sketch, the individual school submissions, and the verifiers list. We are unable to advise you on the sketch, as the universities want to see how applicants choose to present their information. Please use your own discretion. Note: Changes and/or corrections to the autobiographical…

When completing my academic record, how do I treat a withdrawn course?

Applications: Medical (OMSAS) Categories: During Application

If you withdrew without academic penalty (i.e., you withdrew within the stated deadlines), do not enter the course at all. If you were assigned a penalty (i.e., the course shows on your transcript with a “fail” or “incomplete” notation), you should enter the course with a failing grade.

When entering my MCAT information, I am required to input my AAMC ID number. Where do I find this?

Applications: Medical (OMSAS) Categories: During Application

Your AAMC ID number is an 8-digit number that can be found on the MCAT THx page of the AAMC website, located in the upper right hand corner, beside your name and above your date of birth. There is a link to this website in the MCAT section of the online application. If you are…

When I enter my grades from a US institution, my academic record comes up as non-convertible. What can I do?

Applications: Medical (OMSAS) Categories: During Application

American grades are not automatically converted by the online application, as OMSAS must first review your transcript to determine the applicable scale. Once this is done, you will be able to view your application data in the Verification of Application Data report available online. The OMSAS Conversion Chart was created in collaboration with the Ontario medical…

Why does the “Value” and “Avg” show zero?

Applications: Medical (OMSAS) Categories: During Application

Transcripts that need to be reviewed by OMSAS to determine the correct GPA scale, will show zeros for the value and average. In these cases, OMSAS will issue a Verification of Application Data online, outlining the calculated GPA.