Frequently Asked Questions: During Application

I’m not sure if my course(s) will satisfy the prerequisite requirement. Can you tell me?

Applications: Rehab Sciences (ORPAS) Categories: During Application

ORPAS does not review prerequisites. You will need to contact the Rehabilitation Schools directly for more information…

I’ve entered some prerequisites but it still says “No” for submission entered. Why is it not changing to “Yes”?

Applications: Rehab Sciences (ORPAS) Categories: During Application

The submission entered will only change to “Yes” once you’ve entered a prerequisite course for each prerequisite category…

If I am using my Advanced Placement (AP) classes as prerequisites for medical school, how do I send my AP transcript to OMSAS?

Applications: Medical (OMSAS) Categories: During Application

If your AP transcript contains grades for prerequisite courses, you will have to mail or fax your request to the AP College Board. The College Board will then mail your transcript to OMSAS…

If I submit my application on the deadline date and order a transcript from an Ontario university/college online, will my transcript be considered on time?

Yes. If we receive an online transcript request (that forms part of the application) by the stated deadline, it satisfies the transcript deadline requirement.

If more than 3 referees write an assessment for me, which assessments will be used toward my application?

Applications: Law (OLSAS) Categories: During Application

Only the referees you indicated as R1, R2 and R3 will be used.

If OLSAS receives more than 3 references or additional letters of reference, we will not forward the additional documents to the law schools.

I’m getting a warning about my address when I try to submit my application. Why is this happening?

You must provide a home address and a mailing address, even if these 2 addresses are the same. A mailing address is the address where you receive postal mail. It is not your email address…

I’m stuck on the “Additional University Details” screen in the 105 application. What do I do?

Applications: Undergrad (105) Categories: During Application

If you have not previously applied to your university choices, this section does not apply to you. Simply click “Save” and move on to the next section of the application…

I’m trying to log in but my PIN isn’t working. What’s the problem?

Be sure you are typing the correct PIN. Double-check the characters and use the Shift key rather than the Caps Lock key to insert capital letters. If you are still having problems, contact your guidance counsellor to make sure you have the correct PIN.

My current school is wrong in the application. How can I update this information?

If a school you previously attended created your 101 account, you must wait until after you submit your application for your school information to be updated. You cannot update this information yourself…

My school changed to the quadmester/octomester system for this year. I will not have a midterm grade for some of my courses in April. Will this jeopardize my application?

Applications: COVID-19 Categories: During Application

Most universities will make conditional offers of admission on a rolling basis using a combination of Grade 11 and available Grade 12 marks. Contact your university choices directly for more information…