Common Questions: Offers of Admission

Can I defer my acceptance until next year or later?

Applications: Undergrad (101) Categories: Offers of Admission

If you are admitted to a university but wish to delay your studies for a year or more, you will need to reach an agreement with the university in question. The university will determine any conditions. When you are ready to attend university, you may be required to re-apply through the OUAC. Contact the university…

How do I accept my offer of admission?

When the universities have evaluated your file, an admission decision will be sent directly to you. If you have been offered admission, instructions for responding will be included. If you respond to your offer of admission online, do not mail a paper response to the OUAC. After you submit your response online, a screen will…

I accepted my offer online but when I go back in to my application, there is no acceptance listed in the “Applicant Response” column. What happened?

There is nothing listed because you did not successfully submit your acceptance. To successfully submit your acceptance: Click the offer link in the “Admission Decision” column. Select “I accept” and then click “Continue”. This takes you back to the “Choices/Offers” screen where you will see “Unsubmitted Acceptance” in the “Applicant Response” column. Choose “Review and…

I am trying to accept my offer online but it says the offer has expired. What can I do?

If the offer is highlighted, you may still select it to accept. The university is allowing you to accept this offer after the expiry date. However, before accepting this offer, you should contact the university to verify how long the offer is valid after the expiry date, especially if you are cancelling an accepted offer…

I have accepted my offer online but have changed my mind. I now want to apply to a different program at the same university. How can I change my program choice?

Contact the university’s admission office directly for clarification, as some universities may issue you only one offer of admission. Depending on the university’s policy for offers of admission, you could be advised to: Add the new program choice to your application. If you already have 3 program choices selected in your application, you will need…

I have decided to attend a university outside of Ontario next year. How do I cancel my acceptance to an Ontario university?

Applications: Undergrad (101) Categories: Offers of Admission

If you have already accepted an offer at an Ontario university and decide not to attend that institution, please log in to your online application to cancel your acceptance. If you choose to cancel your offer by written notification, you must send the notification to the OUAC and include your full name, OUAC Reference Number,…

I have just accepted an offer online and “Unsubmitted Acceptance” appears under “Applicant Response”. Have I done something wrong in accepting the offer?

“Unsubmitted Acceptance” appears after you click an offer and accept it. At this point, you have accepted the offer but have not submitted the acceptance to the OUAC. To properly submit the acceptance, click “Review and Submit” and complete the submit process. Once you have submitted, you will see a summary of the changes/responses made…

I received an offer of admission and was instructed to accept it online, but I have limited internet access. What should I do?

If you have received an official paper offer of admission, you can mail or fax it to the OUAC and we can process the acceptance manually for you. Please ensure you clearly indicate that you are accepting the offer, record your OUAC Reference Number on it and date and sign the document.

I received an offer of admission and was instructed to accept it online; however, my offer does not display on my online application. What should I do?

If you have just received notification of the offer of admission, the OUAC may not have received the decision file from that university yet. Please check again in a couple of days. If the offer still does not display after a few days, contact the university directly.

I’m going to be away from home or out of the country for part of the year. Can I have someone else accept an offer of admission?

Applications: Undergrad (101) Categories: Offers of Admission

Yes, you may ask another person, such as a parent, to sign admission documents on your behalf.