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I have a disability. Who should I contact for information about services?

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All universities offer exceptional services for individuals with disabilities. This may include special admission practices. Should you require any special consideration due to a disability, contact the admissions office of each university to which you applied for admission or, where specified, the office responsible for students with disabilities to discuss the considerations you may need.…

I have not been able to find the answer to my question in any of the FAQs or on the OUAC website. How do I contact the OUAC?

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You can email your question to You will get an autoreply, so mention that you were unable to find the answer you needed on our website. You can also call us at 519-823-1063.

I may need financial assistance to attend university. What about scholarships?

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Ontario high school students can take advantage of a variety of scholarships available at all Ontario universities. The Ontario Government also has a financial aid program to assist students in need of funding in order to pursue a university education. Some university scholarships are available for applicants entering their first year of study and some…

Is it worth it?

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University study continues to be one of life’s most important, rewarding and exciting experiences. The knowledge that you gain at university, the friends that you make and the variety of experiences that you have will be with you all your life. Year after year the employment rate is higher for those with a university degree…

What is the OUAC and what does it do?

Applications: Undergrad (101) Categories: Other

“OUAC” is the acronym for the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre. The OUAC is a centralized processing office for applications for undergraduate admission to the universities of Ontario. The OUAC, which is located in Guelph, Ontario, receives your application, processes it and transfers the information to the universities you have selected. The OUAC does not make…