Common Questions: Which Application Should I Complete?

I am currently attending an Ontario high school, but I will have fewer than six 4U/M courses finished this year. Should I use the high school application (101)?

If the programs to which you wish to apply stipulate that you must present six 4U/M courses for admission and you will not satisfy this requirement, you should consult your guidance counsellor or the OUAC to determine the appropriate method of application.

I am currently attending high school, but have attended a postsecondary institution. Which application should I use?

If you are currently enrolled in a day program at a high school but have attended a postsecondary institution, you must apply through the 105 application. You must make arrangements with your high school to forward all of your academic data to the universities you selected.

I have a high school diploma from a school outside the province, but I am currently taking some 4U/M courses at an Ontario high school during the day. Which application should I complete?

If you have previously attended a high school in another province or country and will have less than six 4U/M courses, you should complete the 105 application. However, if you are taking less than six 4U/M courses at an Ontario high school and have a diploma from another province or country, your secondary school could…

I will not be attending high school until the second semester. What application should I complete?

You can use the 101 application if the following apply: you will have six 4U/M courses; you will receive/have received the OSSD; you have not been out of high school for 7 consecutive months; and you have not attended a postsecondary institution. Some high schools will not allow you to complete the application from their…