Why have I received the email “Unsubmitted responses/modifications”? I’m sure I saved the responses/changes I wanted to make.

The email “Unsubmitted responses/modifications” is a courtesy notification we send out when we see that an applicant has logged into the system, made a change or responded to an offer, but did not submit the change/response.

  • If you log back in to your application and see that your application is up-to-date, then you have successfully submitted your changes/responses. You can ignore the email we sent you.
  • If you log back in to your application and the changes/responses are not there, make your changes again and go to “Review and Submit” to complete the submit process. You will see a confirmation number for these changes/responses on the “Complete” screen.
  • If you do not wish to make any changes to your application, simply log out.