International Baccalaureate (IB) Applicants

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IB Diploma/Certificate

Applicants should indicate on the application whether they are following the IB Diploma or IB Certificate program.

  • Applicants who are following the IB Diploma/Certificate program within an Ontario high school should use the 101 application.
  • Information about applicants’ IB Diploma/Certificate status is transferred to the selected universities.
  • Modifications can be made only by school officials who have “Update” access for the “Academic Information” option in COLS.
  • Applicants cannot change this information.

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IB Grades Collection Procedure

The OUAC does not record IB academic data electronically.

  • Hard-copy IB transcripts that are sent to the OUAC are copied and forwarded to each of the applicant’s selected Ontario universities.
  • The OUAC does not collect essays or extracts.
  • Record the OUAC Reference Number on any transcripts sent to the OUAC.
  • Faxed transcripts do not photocopy well and, therefore, will not be accepted.
Schools are urged to transcribe IB courses and grades into equivalent Grade 12 courses that can be forwarded electronically to the OUAC.

Many universities require the OSS equivalents for scholarships and other adjudications.

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Out-of-Province Institutions

The OUAC will not forward IB transcripts to out-of-province institutions.

Ontario IB students who apply to 1 or more out-of-province institutions must arrange for their high school to send their IB grades directly to those institutions.

However, OSS curriculum courses/grades will be transmitted to specified institutions through the regular channels.

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