Common Questions

Application Process

  1. I have a student who will be attending high school in second semester. Should they apply using the 101 application or the 105 application?

  2. I have a student who was not enrolled in school for the first semester, and therefore completed a 105 application. The student registered at our school for second semester, but has just now come to us to ask whether the 105 application should be transferred over to a 101 application. Is it too late to do this?

  3. I have students who graduated with their OSSD last year but are returning to high school to upgrade some of their courses. Do they apply on the 101 application? If so, will they receive new application access codes (e.g., PIN)?

  4. Please tell me the process we should follow when students transfer to our school from other schools and they applied to university online from the other school.

  5. I have a student who graduated from an out-of-province high school and will be taking less than six 4U/M courses. Which application should they complete?

  6. My student can’t log in with his or her PIN. What can I do?

PIN Information

  1. My student can’t log in with his or her PIN. What can I do?

  2. I have a student who attended another school and received a PIN, but did not apply. The student has now transferred to our school. Should I “Create a PIN” to receive a new PIN for them?

  3. I have several students who were "missed" in our school's November data transmission, so they did not receive application Access Code letters. Can they be provided with access codes for the online application?

  4. One of my students has lost his/her Access Code letter. What can I do? What should the student do?

  5. I have just created a PIN for a student to apply online. Is there a way to obtain the PIN sooner rather than waiting for it to arrive at our school by mail?


  1. Why is there no academic information showing when I'm in "Application Info"?

  2. A former student took a year off school and is applying to university this year (using the 105 application). The student asked us to send transcripts. Where do we send the transcripts?

  3. One of my students applied to Ontario universities but there are extenuating circumstances or disabilities that have affected his/her academic performance. How do I notify the universities selected by this student that special admission consideration is requested?

  4. The Grade 12 students at my school will be making timetable changes for second semester by the end of January. Am I also required to make these changes to their academic data (through "Academic Info") prior to our board's February grades transmission to OUAC?

  5. We just sent our February grades submission file and were notified that it was processed. We now have a student who has decided to apply to university. The student's academic data was included in the February grades submission file. Will the February marks be included on the applicant's academic record even though the student applied after the transmission was sent or should I add the marks manually through Counsellors' Online Services (COLS)?

  6. A student is attending our school who previously attended a high school outside the province of Ontario. The student will take fewer than six 4U/M courses, so we instructed him/her to complete the 105 application. Can we still submit his/her marks to the OUAC electronically with the rest of our university-bound applicants?

  7. I have a student who took a course at another school. When adding the course in Counsellors' Online Services (COLS), I enter the MIDENT number, but it comes up invalid. Why is that, when the MIDENT number is correct?

  8. I have a student who has repeated a course and received a higher final mark. When I try to add the course on Counsellors' Online Services and select "repeat" under the credit value, I get an error message. What am I doing wrong?

  9. I have a student with a number of out-of-province/international courses. How do I indicate these equivalencies on the academic record?


  1. A student tried to make an additional university/program selection in their online application, but the system did not accept this additional choice. What happened?

  2. My students are confused about payment by "Online Banking". What is this and how is it different from payment by credit card?


  1. My student can’t log in with his or her PIN. What can I do?

  2. I previously completed and returned a Counsellors' Online Services (COLS) registration form and checked off "Inquiry" only. How can I change my access level from "Inquiry" to "Inquiry and Update"?

  3. Where can I find the schedule of dates for this cycle? And next cycle?