Postsecondary Information Event Calendar

The Postsecondary Information Event (PIE) Calendar is maintained by the OUAC, in consultation with the Standing Committee on Student Recruitment (SCSR). It is a resource for Ontario guidance counsellors for the current recruiting season. The calendar can be used to coordinate events in your region and to plan joint events with other counsellors.

Some Ontario universities are bilingual, so attendees may have an opportunity to speak 1-on-1 with university representatives in French about their French programs.

We look forward to working with you to ensure a successful recruitment season!

Avoid Scheduling During the OUF and Regional Fairs

To ensure participation from Ontario’s universities, please schedule your event during a week that does not coincide with the Ontario Universities’ Fair (OUF), or the Ontario Universities’ Regional Fairs visiting your area.

Steps for Adding an Event

  1. Read the Guidelines for Organizing a Successful Postsecondary Information Event (PIE) thoroughly.
  2. Your school must be willing and able to accommodate all 21 Ontario universities.
  3. Complete and submit the event registration form (available in February 2020).
  4. We will add your event to the calendar, then confirm your event with you and the universities.

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