Frequently Asked Questions

Are students required to include their current Ontario high school in the Academic Background section?

No, students are not required to include their current Ontario high school.

My student can’t log in with his or her PIN. What can I do?

Be sure your student is typing in the correct PIN. The number one can look like a lowercase L or captial I. Double-check the characters and try again. Other tips: Use a Desktop computer rather than a laptop or personal device. Use the Shift key rather than the Caps Lock key to insert capital letters.…

Why is there no academic information showing when I’m in “Application Info”?

Categories: Grades

Academic information is only available under “Academic Info”. You can add, view or edit the academic info there.

Where can I find the schedule of dates for this cycle? And next cycle?

Categories: General

The schedule of dates can be found in the back of the “Counsellors’ University Application Handbook” and also on the Guidance website. The schedule for the next cycle is drafted in November and then brought forward for approval by the Ontario Universities’ Council on Admissions (OUCA). Final approval is typically received at the end of…

I have a student with a number of out-of-province/international courses. How do I indicate these equivalencies on the academic record?

Categories: Grades

Where a student has been granted equivalency credits for course work outside of the Ontario school system and you believe that this information will affect the student’s admission decision, a hard-copy transcript from the out-of-province school should be sent to the admissions offices of the universities to which the student has applied. In addition, you…

I have a student who has repeated a course and received a higher final mark. When I try to add the course on Counsellors’ Online Services and select “repeat” under the credit value, I get an error message. What am I doing wrong?

Categories: Grades

When an applicant has repeated the same course and received a higher mark, the credit value should be greater than 0000 credit. The “repeat” designation should be placed against the course with the lower passing final grade. Do not use the “repeat” designation for failed attempts.

I have a student who took a course at another school. When adding the course in Counsellors’ Online Services (COLS), I enter the MIDENT number, but it comes up invalid. Why is that, when the MIDENT number is correct?

Categories: Grades

The OUAC and the universities can only accept MIDENT numbers for schools that exist on the OUAC secondary school file. Many night/private/summer schools with valid MIDENT numbers may not be on our secondary school file and therefore will not be accepted. In these cases, you may use your own school MIDENT number or you may…

A student is attending our school who previously attended a high school outside the province of Ontario. The student will take fewer than six 4U/M courses, so we instructed him/her to complete the 105 application. Can we still submit his/her marks to the OUAC electronically with the rest of our university-bound applicants?

Categories: Grades

Unfortunately not. All applicants currently attending an Ontario high school who have completed a 105 application must send their transcripts, and any marks obtained from your school, directly to their university choices.

The Grade 12 students at my school will be making timetable changes for second semester by the end of January. Am I also required to make these changes to their academic data (through “Academic Info”) prior to our board’s February grades transmission to OUAC?

Categories: Grades

No, you do not need to make these changes through Counsellors’ Online Services (COLS). Any timetable changes for students on your school’s data system are usually sent to the OUAC in the February grades transmission. The OUAC will update the students’ files with any additions, deletions and changes which are on this transmission. The same…