101 – Applicant Requirements and Responsibilities

Applicant Requirements

Complete the 101 online application if you meet all of the 101 applicant requirements.

Applicant Responsibilities

  • Discuss your interests and goals with your parents/guardians, teachers and guidance counsellors.
  • Do your research before selecting your programs. There are many publications and resources available.
  • Read the 101 Application Guide and review the application procedures for each university you wish to apply to.
  • Submit complete and correct information in the application.
  • Pay the applicable fees by the deadlines.
  • Meet university-specific admission deadlines (e.g., for submitting portfolios, interviews, auditions, etc.).
  • Keep your personal and contact information up-to-date in your application.
  • Contact your guidance counsellor immediately if your academic data is inaccurate.

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