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Last updated: October 3, 2016

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Glendon Fast Facts

  • We have a proud history of preparing future leaders through a bilingual liberal arts education (social sciences and humanities), our area of specialization since our founding more than 50 years ago. We are one of the only liberal arts campuses in the country offering programs in English and French, with a strong Spanish presence as well.
  • To respond to an increasing demand for bilingual graduates in health‑related fields, we recently extended our program offering to include 2 Bachelor of Science (BSc) programs: A BSc in Biology and a BSc in Psychology.
  • All of our graduates obtain bilingual language certification (English and French).
  • Our international focus sets us apart.
  • We offer the only International Bachelor degree programs (iBA and iBSc) in Canada, we welcome a large number of international students to our campus, and more than 10% of our students go on exchange – 3X higher than the national average. You will find over 100 languages spoken on our campus.
  • Glendon’s small community ensures that personalized services are available from enrollment to graduation.

Campus Beauty

Glendon’s peaceful and inspiring campus is set on 85 acres of parkland and gardens in the heart of Toronto’s mid‑town. With the historic Manor at its centre, a close knit, diverse community of students, professors and staff call it home.

Public transit stops right at the campus entrance, offering students a 20‑minute ride to downtown.

Small Campus in the City

Glendon is great for students who are interested in a personalized university experience. With a student population of just under 3,000 and an average class size of 26, you’ll get to know your professors and fellow students well.

You’ll find that in the classroom and across campus, professors and staff are here to support your success. Our small campus gives you opportunities to shine, to connect with students from across Canada and the world, and to get involved in campus life.


Rooted in the liberal arts, a Glendon education helps students develop a well‑rounded academic base, an area of academic focus (or a few with majors/minors), and a suite of transferable skills, including critical thinking, research, and communications, which are among the most sought‑after skills in the job market today.

Glendon graduates are further distinguished by language credentials and international perspectives that lead them to careers in the following:

  • journalism
  • law
  • diplomacy
  • non‑governmental organizations
  • teaching
  • business
  • and more

You can also take courses in other disciplines such as languages, fine arts, and more on York’s larger Keele Campus, a 40‑minute free shuttle ride away.

BEd (French)

Glendon is home to a unique Bachelor of Education (BEd) program that is designed specifically to train future core, extended, and immersion French teachers.

You can apply directly to the program from high school or during your second or third year of university.

With your BEd application you will also apply to a Glendon BA program of your choice. We recommend that BEd applicants major or minor in French Studies. The BEd has a few additional admission requirements, including a minimum French level, a personal statement, and an experience profile.

Language Advantage

As southern Ontario’s Centre of Excellence for Bilingual and French‑language Postsecondary Education, Glendon is committed to equipping all students with skills in French (or English for Francophones) both in and outside of the classroom.

Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, all students graduate with language certification that can prove a key advantage in the workforce, where more jobs and more money often come to those who can work in both languages. Find more information about language certification.

French Immersion Springboard to the iBA or iBSc

Glendon’s international Bachelor of Arts (iBA) and international Bachelor of Science (iBSc) degrees were designed for immersion grads and others with a background in French who want to use their French as a springboard to an international degree with a third language option.

The iBA and iBSc are available across all of our majors, and add to your degree through the following:

  1. internationally oriented courses,
  2. an international exchange; and
  3. advanced language certification.

Advanced language certifications are available in English and French for the bilingual iBA or iBSc, or English, French, Spanish, or another third language for the trilingual iBA or iBSc.

York’s Keele Campus also offers more than 15 language options.

Find more information about French Immersion.

Circle of Top Scholars

We welcome top incoming high school students to our Circle of Scholars. Students in this circle receive a set of benefits that recognize their academic achievements and support their continued success at Glendon.

We invite students into this program in the early spring of the year for which they have applied.

Personalized Enrollment Support

As a new Glendon student, you will receive personalized support from our Academic Advising team to chart an academic path that’s right for you.

Once you have accepted your offer of admission, you can book an enrollment appointment where you will get your first glimpse of life as a Glendon student.

For those who come in person, we also welcome parents to our Lion’s Den for a tailored presentation and resources to answer their specific questions. Find more information about booking an enrollment appointment.


Glendon is home to 2 residence buildings. More than 90% of our rooms are singles, and first‑year students are guaranteed a room if they apply by the deadline.

Our residences are a 2‑minute walk to classes and to the cafeteria and include built‑in support services led by your Don, a live‑in senior student assigned to help you settle in. There is a year‑round roster of activities in residence.

Space is also available in residence for upper‑year students.

Campus Visits

Please join us for our highlight events:

  • Fall Campus Day Open House (November 8, 2016),
  • Experience Glendon Spring Open House (March 6, 2017), and
  • our March Break University Program (March 14 to 18, 2017).

We also offer a daily campus tour.

You can be a Glendon student for a day through our Shadow Program, which takes you right into a university class of your choice (October 2016 to March 2017).

Find details or book your campus visit.

For information about scholarships, financial aid, transfer credits (we recognize AP and IB), language requirements, and students with diagnosed disabilities, please visit the York University page.

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