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Last updated: October 3, 2017

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About Laurentian University


Laurentian University was founded in 1960 as a bilingual, non‑denominational, regional university to serve Northeastern Ontario. Since then, we have evolved into a diverse institution offering more programs per student than any other university in Canada, while retaining our small and unique character.


Laurentian is surrounded by 5 lakes on 750 wooded acres. Numerous cross‑country ski and hiking/jogging trails originate on the campus, which also has access to beaches on 2 of the lakes. We benefit from the amenities of Sudbury – a regional municipality with a population of 160,000. The city is the Northeastern Ontario regional centre for postsecondary education, health care, tourism and business.

Special Characteristics

  • Laurentian is a dynamic, bilingual university that emphasizes study and research in Health, Management, Science, Engineering, Architecture, Education and Arts.
  • We offer you the cultural richness and flexibility of study in either or both the English and French languages.
  • In addition to a wide choice of programs, we pride ourselves on providing personal concern for each student and 1 of the best student‑to‑professor ratios in the province; this attention to the individual simply cannot be equalled at larger institutions.
  • Our campus also boasts a modern, state‑of‑the‑art library with more than a million volumes.

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French Immersion Option

If you are a high school student in a French Immersion program, Laurentian is the place to continue your education. Unique among universities in Canada, Laurentian offers the opportunity to study a wide range of programs in a flexible system that enables you to take courses in English or French.

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Residence Accommodations

With more than 1,600 spaces in 8 residences, we offer a guaranteed space to all first‑year students with a 75% average or better who submit a residence application by the deadline date. Accommodations include single rooms, double rooms and apartments.

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Federated Universities

3 denominational Federated Universities share the Laurentian campus with the non‑denominational University College:

  1. University of Sudbury (Roman Catholic)
  2. Huntington University (United Church)
  3. Thorneloe University (Anglican)

Each has its own distinctive residence and all grant Laurentian University degrees.

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Admission Entry Points

Admission entry points are September, January and May.

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Accessibility Services

Laurentian’s Accessibility Services Office encourages equal access, creates awareness and advocates for students with disabilities. We have installed ramps, power doors and accessible washrooms throughout the campus.

The library provides technical and personal support to students who are visually impaired.

Examination procedures are arranged on an individual basis for students with special needs.

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Scholarships and Financial Aid

At Laurentian, financial aid is a priority. Approximately $8.7-million each year is available for student scholarships and bursaries. Bursaries are also available throughout the academic year. Additionally, the Laurentian University Work‑Study program has been expanded and now offers more than 300 part‑time jobs on campus. You must complete a Financial Assessment Form. We put our money where your marks are. No application is required for the Academic Excellence Scholarship.

  • High school average of 80-84.9%: Up to $4,500 ($1,000 in first year, renewable in subsequent years provided average is maintained; increased to $1,500 in fourth year).
  • High school average of 85-89.9%: Up to $6,500 ($1,500 in first year, renewable in subsequent years provided average is maintained; increased to $2,000 in fourth year).
  • High school average of 90-94.9%: Up to $10,500 ($2,500 in first year, renewable in subsequent years provided average is maintained; increased to $3,000 in fourth year).
  • High school average of 95-100%: Up to $14,500 ($3,500 in first year, renewable in subsequent years provided average is maintained; increased to $4,000 in fourth year).

Academic Excellence Scholarship amounts are based upon final marks. Midterm grades are used to inform you of where you fall in the above grid.

Some entrance scholarships require an application. The most prestigious of these are the 5 National Dean’s Entrance scholarships. These are valued at $20,000 ($5,000 per year over 4 years) and include a mentorship with the Dean and a single room in residence. 1 of the 5 winners of a National Dean’s Scholarship will be chosen to receive the Dr. Judith Woodsworth President’s scholarship, valued at $1,000, renewable provided the recipient meets the renewal criteria for the National Dean’s Entrance Scholarship for Excellence Award.

These are a few of our many entrance scholarships that require an application:

  • The Jim Fielding Memorial Bursary
    • Amount: $60,000 over 4 years
    • Criteria: Financial need
  • Chancellor’s Scholarships
    • Amount: $40,000 over 4 years
    • Criteria: 90% average and leadership/community experience
  • President’s Scholarships
    • Amount: $30,000 over 4 years
    • Criteria: 90% average and leadership/community experience

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Supplementary Applications

Additional information is required for the following programs:

  • Architectural Studies (February 14)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Music
  • Fine Arts
  • Health Promotion
  • Kinesiology
  • Midwifery
  • Outdoor Adventure Leadership
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Sport and Physical Education
  • Sports Psychology

Download additional information forms.

The deadline to submit all supplementary information is February 1 (except for Architectural Studies).

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Contact Information

Laurentian University
Office of Admissions
Sudbury ON  P3E 2C6
Telephone: 705‑675‑4843
Email: admissions@laurentian.ca

Affiliate University

Laurentian has an affiliate university college in Northern Ontario that grants Laurentian degrees:
Université de Hearst in Hearst

View additional admission requirements for Hearst

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