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Last updated: October 1, 2020

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About Laurentian University

Founded in 1960 and located in the traditional territory of the Atikameksheng Anishinabek, our campus is nestled among 5 freshwater lakes in the heart of the city, surrounded by lush green spaces. You can enjoy pristine nature from every vantage point on campus.

Boasting our own private beach, our natural setting is minutes from the downtown core and comprises more than 765 acres of land, owned by the University, that adjoin the vast Lake Laurentian Conservation Area. Nature is at the core of the university’s identity, and learning here, in this awe-inspiring natural environment, is a true pleasure for the senses.

We also benefit from the amenities of Sudbury – a regional municipality with a population of 160,000. The city is the Northeastern Ontario regional centre for postsecondary education, health care, tourism and business.


  • 9,600 students enrolled
  • 60 classrooms and labs
  • 450 new study spaces
  • 765 acres of land
  • 50+ student clubs
  • Hundreds of student events
  • 2 student associations
  • 60+ countries to study abroad
  • 1,600+ residence rooms

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Certificate of Bilingualism

We offer you the chance to obtain a tangible certificate of bilingualism, which will allow you to demonstrate your linguistic abilities in both languages and give you a competitive advantage in your professional life. More than 40 of our programs are offered in both official languages. Students who achieve at least 15 credits in the language (English or French) other than their primary language of study will earn a Certificate of Bilingualism.

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With more than 1,600 spaces in 8 residences, we offer a guaranteed space to all first-year students with a 75% average or better who submit a residence application by the deadline date. Accommodations include single rooms, double rooms and apartments.

Read more about residence accommodations.

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Federated Universities

Three denominational, federated universities share the Laurentian campus with the non-denominational university college:

  1. University of Sudbury (Roman Catholic)
  2. Huntington University (United Church)
  3. Thorneloe University (Anglican)

Each has its own distinctive residence and all grant Laurentian University degrees.

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Admission Entry Point

Fall (September)

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Admission Decisions

The Admissions Office will communicate all decisions it makes to you via email. Decisions will also appear in the myLaurentian portal and in your OUAC Account.

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Scholarships and Financial Aid

At Laurentian, financial aid is a priority. We grant approximately $9.2 million each year to students in the form of academic excellence scholarships, financial aid bursaries and the Work Study program.

We give some scholarships automatically, while others require an application. If you wish to be considered for additional scholarships, you must apply through your myLaurentian portal.

Read more about scholarships and financial aid.

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Supplementary Application

Additional information, in the form of supplementary documentation, an interview or an audition, is required for the following programs:

  • Architectural Studies
  • Midwifery
  • Music
  • Radiation Therapy

All required supplementary information and deadlines are available on the myLaurentian portal.

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Accessibility Services

The Accessibility Services Office offers individual and personalized support for students with mobility or learning accommodations. The staff facilitate the needs of students by providing specific accommodations, such as additional time on exams/tests, study skills, time management or access to a variety of technical and technological aids.

Read more about Accessibility Services.

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Contact Us

Liaison Services
Laurentian University
Sudbury ON  P3E 2C6
Telephone: 1-800-263-4188
Email: info@laurentian.ca

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Affiliate University

Laurentian has an affiliate university in Northern Ontario that grants Laurentian degrees: Université de Hearst (in French only).

View additional admission requirements for Hearst.

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