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Last updated: November 27, 2019

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About McMaster University


  • Founded in 1887 in Toronto through a bequest from the estate of Senator William McMaster, a member of the first Senate after Confederation and founding president of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.
  • Relocated from Toronto to Hamilton in 1930.

The Campus

  • Located in Hamilton, Ontario, about a 45-minute drive from Toronto, Niagara Falls and the United States border. The fourth largest city in Ontario and ninth largest city in Canada, Hamilton is a vast multicultural city that is an urban and industrial centre.
  • Our campus is over 300 acres of mostly green space, bordered by the Royal Botanical Gardens and Cootes Paradise, a wild bird sanctuary. We keep all our buildings to within a 30-acre pedestrian-friendly centre core.
  • We are now one of the only entirely smoke-free universities in the country.

Special Characteristics

  • McMaster University is 1 of only 4 universities in Canada to be ranked in the top 100 in the world.
  • Recently ranked second in the world in social and economic impact by Times Higher Education 2019.
  • Named Canada’s most research-intensive medical-doctoral university in the October 2017 results from Research Infosource.
  • We are committed to taking a collaborative approach to improving people’s lives, contributing to global knowledge and advancing the health and well-being of the world around us.
  • 109 endowed chairs, 70 Canada Research Chairs, 12 endowed professorships, 6 Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Industrial Research Chairs, 2 Ontario Research Chairs and 1 Canada 150 Research Chair.

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Offers of Admission

All programs at McMaster University have enrollment limits, and admission is at the discretion of the University. Meeting minimum stated requirements for any program does not guarantee admission. Offers of admission will be processed as follows:

  • January: McMaster may make a limited number of select offers of admission to highly qualified applicants based on Grade 11 marks.
  • Early March: Applicants presenting a minimum of 3 final or 6 midterm 4U/M courses will be considered for admission on a rolling basis, upon receipt of grades from their schools via the OUAC. Approximately 70% of offers of admission will be made at this time.
  • Early May:
    • Applicants to all of McMaster University’s by-selection programs requiring a mandatory supplementary application, including Arts & Science (Honours) 1, B.Com. Integrated Business & Humanities 1 (IBH), Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) 1, Engineering 1, Integrated Biomedical Engineering & Health Sciences 1 (iBioMed), Nursing 1 and Honours Integrated Sciences 1 (iSci), will receive an admission decision in early May.
    • The Midwifery program reviews academics posted to the OUAC as of February 1 only and all prerequisite subjects must be completed or in progress by that date. Admission decisions are made in early May.
    • Applicants who were not eligible for an offer of admission in March will be reviewed again and considered for admission upon receipt of second semester midterm grades from their schools via the OUAC. Offers of admission will be based on official grade data reported through the OUAC and received by McMaster University no later than May 15.

All applicants will receive a decision from McMaster no later than May 27.

Read more about offers of admission.

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Application Deadlines

All programs have enrollment limits and may become full prior to published deadlines. McMaster University reserves the right, at its sole discretion, not to accept, process or adjudicate applications or amendments to applications to any program at any time. You are advised to submit your application and/or amendments well in advance of the deadlines.

For undergraduate programs not listed, the deadline for applications is normally May 1. All required supporting documentation, such as official English-language testing reports, must be received by April 1.

Program Application Deadline Mandatory Supplementary Application Deadline
Arts & Science (Honours) February 1 February 1

Find the Arts & Science (Honours) supplementary application.

B.Com. Integrated Business & Humanities I (IBH) February 1 February 1
Bachelor of Engineering I and Bachelor of Engineering I (Co-op) January 15 January 31, noon ET
Integrated Biomedical Engineering & Health Sciences (iBioMed) I and Integrated Biomedical Engineering & Health Sciences (iBioMed) (Co-op) I January 15 January 31, noon ET
Health Sciences I (Honours) January 15 Early February

Applicants will receive an email in late January/early February from the BHSc program office with details and a password to access the mandatory supplementary application. The supplementary application questions are available for review prior to submission via the Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) website. Refer to the website for any updates to the supplementary process.

Honours Integrated Science February 1 February 1
Midwifery (including submission of all official transcripts and other required documentation) February 1 N/A

Note: All prerequisite subjects must be completed by the application deadline date. High school applicants: The corresponding Grade 11 subjects for prerequisite subjects must be included in the Grade 12 transcript to be submitted to the University no later than February 1 if the corresponding Grade 12 subject is being completed in the second semester.

Nursing I February 1 Test dates can be found on the CASPerTM website.

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Scholarships and Financial Aid

Entrance awards are available in the following circumstances:

  • if you are entering Level I of a first baccalaureate degree program,
  • if you have graduated from high school and
  • if you have not attended a postsecondary institution.

We offer many in-course scholarships for students enrolled in programs above Level I.

Read more about scholarships and financial aid.

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Residence Accommodations

There are approximately 3,900 spaces available for Level I students.

In previous years, a minimum average in the low to mid-80s (or equivalent) was required for guaranteed residence. This average is subject to change for 2020 admission.

The guaranteed residence space must be secured by completing an online residence application, including deposit, by the deadline date specified in your offer of admission letter.

If you do not receive a residence guarantee, you may apply to a waiting list.

Residence facilities offer shared rooms and apartments/suites, and mandatory meal plans.

Read more about residence.

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Support Services

The Student Success Centre provides you with academic and development support, including understanding academic expectations, developing academic skills, and job search and interview skills workshops.

Student Accessibility Services offers various supports for students with disabilities, including learning strategies, assistive technologies and classroom accommodations.

The Student Wellness Centre is available for all McMaster students and includes medical and health services and personal/psychological/academic counselling.

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Semester Entry Points

The majority of McMaster’s first-year programs are available for Fall Admission only.

Note: If you are completing your Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) in June, you are not eligible for Spring or Summer Admission.

Full-time: September only (fall/winter session)

  • The 101 application is used for the full-time fall/winter term.

Part-time: September

  • If you wish to study at McMaster on a part-time basis only, apply using the 101 application and then simply register for a reduced number of courses after admission.

    Note: Not all programs are available to be completed on a part-time basis.

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If you are applying to McMaster, you must provide and maintain an active personal and unique email address that is not shared with any other current or previous applicants to McMaster University or shared with any current student or employee at the university.

During the application process, McMaster will communicate important information, including application decisions, via email. If you do not provide a personal and unique email address, we cannot guarantee that you will receive critical and timely communication from us, and your application may be jeopardized.

We highly recommend that you do not use school- or employer-issued email addresses as these are normally deactivated upon departure from the school/employer.

Make McMaster a Safe Sender

Email is the primary communication tool for Admissions at McMaster University. McMaster will send important messages outlining the required next steps to complete your application and other important information to the email address associated with your application. After submitting an online application, add the “mcmaster.ca” domain to your email “safe senders” list and check your junk mail/spam folder regularly.

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Submitting Documents

After you apply, we will send you an email acknowledgement, which will provide you with instructions on how to access your McMaster University Mosaic Student Centre. You will be able to view all requirements for your application and track your status. If you apply to McMaster University and do not receive an email acknowledgement from McMaster within 2 weeks of your application submission, check your junk mail/spam folder and ensure that you list McMaster as a “safe sender”.

If you have not received our email acknowledgement, contact us via our “Ask McMaster” link.

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English-Language Proficiency

Each student granted admission to McMaster must be proficient in the use of the English language. You are required to present an acceptable score on one of the English-language proficiency tests recognized by McMaster University. See our English-language requirements website for acceptable score requirements.

If you have completed a minimum of 4 years of full-time academic studies (non-ESL) in an accredited educational institution in Canada (or other English-speaking country) immediately prior to application, or have resided in an English-speaking country for 4 years immediately prior to application, you may be exempt from this requirement. However, exemption is not automatic and McMaster may require a test of proficiency from any applicant at any time.

McMaster University may, at its sole discretion, challenge any test score it deems as either suspicious or inaccurate and may require you to take another test of the university’s choosing for English-language proficiency.

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Mandatory Supplementary Applications

The following limited enrollment, by-selection programs have mandatory supplementary applications, which are a critical component of the selection process. Although the deadline dates listed in this application guide were correct at the time of publishing, you should confirm specific deadlines for supplementary applications.

Offers of Admission for all by-selection programs are normally made in early May.

Arts & Science (Honours)

The Arts & Science program at McMaster is a special interdisciplinary program with a limited enrollment of 70 students in Level I. A minimum average of 88% is normally required to be considered for this program. The mandatory supplementary application must be submitted by the specified deadline.

B.Com. Integrated Business & Humanities (IBH)

This exciting program augments the business education offered by the DeGroote School of Business with robust educational pedagogy in the Faculty of Humanities to create a unique undergraduate program that is focused on training responsible leaders. IBH contains strong experiential learning components, takes a global approach to leadership and management, and places a high priority on community engagement and sustainable business practices. Admission is by selection and enrollment is limited to 50 students. A minimum average of 88% is desired for admission consideration. A mandatory supplementary application must be submitted prior to the specified deadline.

Read more about the B.Com. Integrated Business & Humanities.

Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Engineering (Co-op)

Enrollment in Level I Engineering is limited and by selection. A minimum average in the high 80s is required to be considered for this program. A mandatory supplementary application must be submitted prior to the specified deadline.

Read more about the Bachelor of Engineering.

Integrated Biomedical Engineering & Health Sciences (iBioMed) and Integrated Biomedical Engineering & Health Sciences (iBioMed Co-op)

Biomedical engineering is an emerging discipline requiring graduates with both specialized training and an interdisciplinary breadth of learning across many fields of study. This innovative program aims to produce such graduates, as it is the first of its kind in Canada to offer a 5-year Biomedical Engineering + specialization program that integrates Engineering with Health Sciences. Admission is by selection and enrollment is limited to 140 students. A minimum average in the low 90s is required for consideration for this program. A mandatory supplementary application must be submitted prior to the specified deadline.

Read more about Integrated Biomedical Engineering & Health Sciences.

Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours)

Enrollment in Level I is limited to 240 students. A minimum average of 90% is required to be considered for this program. The mandatory supplementary application must be submitted by the specified deadline.

Read more about the supplementary application for the Bachelor of Health Sciences.

Honours Integrated Science (iSci)

The enrollment in Level I is limited to 60 students. Successful candidates will present a minimum average in the high 80s. In first year, you will engage in research and obtain an integrated background in science subjects. The program is designed to produce students who will understand how scientific thought is created and communicated.

You will be taught by interdisciplinary teams of instructors in laboratory and field settings as well as in lectures, workshops and tutorials.

You will use thematic modules to understand the connections between various scientific disciplines and the relevance of science to modern society.

The mandatory supplementary application must be submitted online.

Read more about the supplementary application for Honours Integrated Science.


Enrollment in Level l is limited to 120 students. Successful candidates are required to present a minimum average of 85% to be considered for this program. The deadline for application to this program is February 1. The test dates for the required CASPerTM supplementary assessment/application can be found on the CASPerTM website.

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Deferral of Admission

McMaster will review written requests to defer enrollment for a maximum of 1 year. Students must accept McMaster’s offer of admission through the OUAC prior to the required response deadline. Students must also have satisfied all conditions of their admission by the specified deadline.

All requests for deferral of admission should be based on extraordinary circumstances, and written requests must be forwarded to the Admissions Office no later than August 31.

Deferrals of enrollment are not automatic, and each case will be judged on its own merit. If a deferral is granted, admission will be guaranteed for the following fall/winter session provided that you do not attend a secondary or postsecondary institution in the interim.

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Co-operative Education/Internships

The Faculty of Science offers co-op programs in the following areas:

  • Honours Actuarial and Financial Mathematics
  • Honours Biochemistry
  • Honours Chemical Biology – Biomedical Research Specialization
  • Honours Chemistry
  • Honours Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Honours Environmental Sciences
  • Honours Geography and Environmental Sciences
  • Honours Life Sciences
  • Honours Mathematics and Statistics
  • Honours Molecular Biology and Genetics
  • Honours Physics

These are 5-year programs that commence in year 3.

The Faculty of Engineering permits you to enroll in a co-op or a non-co-op version of each program in any level. Simply choose the appropriate Engineering or Computer Science co-op courses at the time of registration to be considered as registered in the co-op version of the programs. Co-op placements are a mandatory component of all Bachelor of Technology Honours degree programs.

The Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Science offer industrial internships in your second or third year (or fourth year for some 5-year Engineering programs).

The School of Business offers an optional internship program after successful completion of Level III.

The Faculty of Social Sciences offers an internship option to those registered in most Honours programs if they have successfully completed their second year.

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Interdisciplinary Studies

Many opportunities exist for interdisciplinary studies in the following areas:

  • Business
  • Engineering
  • Health Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences
  • Science faculties, through combined Honours programs

A concurrent diploma from McMaster is available in Music Performance if you are enrolled in a degree program at McMaster.

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Collaborative Programs

Bachelor of Technology (Honours)

The Faculty of Engineering at McMaster and Mohawk College’s School of Engineering Technology have partnered to create 4-year Bachelor of Technology Co-op (Honours) programs that provide accelerated paths to both a Bachelor of Technology degree (B.Tech) from McMaster and a Diploma in Technology from Mohawk College.

Read more about the B.Tech program.

Medical Radiation Sciences

The Faculty of Science offers a fully integrated, collaborative, 4-year program between McMaster University and Mohawk College. You pursue 2 qualifications simultaneously, and receive a Bachelor’s degree from McMaster and an Advanced Diploma in Medical Radiation Sciences from Mohawk.

Read more about Medical Radiation Sciences.


If you are interested in a McMaster Nursing degree (BScN), you have 3 location options: McMaster University, Mohawk College or Conestoga College. Each of the 3 education sites will offer the 4-year program that uses a problem-based learning and small group tutorial educational model.

Apply to Nursing at the 2 college sites via OCAS.

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Additional Program Options Beyond First Year

Medicine at McMaster

McMaster offers an undergraduate program in Medicine. You must complete a minimum of 3 years of undergraduate university study prior to application/admission.

Read more about Medicine at McMaster or call 905-525-9140, ext. 22235.

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Contact Information

McMaster University
Office of the Registrar, Admissions Office
Gilmour Hall, Room 108
1280 Main Street West
Hamilton ON  L8S 4L8

Telephone: 905-525-4600 or 905-525-9140, ext. 24796
Ask McMaster

Visit the following websites for specific information about each program:

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