101 – Other Academic Information

Last updated: November 25, 2022

My total number of years in Ontario high schools

Select the total number of years that you studied in all Ontario high schools, including the current school year.

My total number of years in a Canadian high school

Enter the total number of years spent in a Canadian high school where the language of instruction was English (or French, in the case of francophone students). Include the current year.

My total number of years in an English-language school system outside of Canada

If applicable, enter the total number of years you spent in elementary and high school outside of Canada, where the language of instruction was English. Include the current year, if applicable. Do not include years spent in kindergarten or junior kindergarten.

In which country?

If you attended an English-language school outside of Canada, enter the name of the country where you studied.

My International Baccalaureate (IB) program type (if applicable)

If you are taking courses from an IB program, select either “Certificate” or “Diploma”.

Advanced Placement (AP) question

Indicate whether you wrote or intend to write an AP exam by June of the current school year. AP exams are administered by the College Board in the US. This section is optional.

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