101 – Personal Information

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Your Name and Other Personal Information


  • You must provide your First Name/Legal Given Name and Last Name/Family Name in full.
  • Do not include nicknames, shortened names (e.g., Pat, Mike, Jenny) or initials.
  • Preferred Name is the name you want to be called instead of your legal given name. Do not include your last name/family name. Some institutions may require confirmation of your Preferred Name prior to registration.

Gender and Date of Birth

  • Date of Birth is collected for document matching purposes and statistics.
  • Gender is an optional field. If you provide your gender, it will be used for document matching purposes and statistics.

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Voluntary Declarations

Canadian Indigenous Applicant
The Indigenous and Treaty rights of the Indigenous peoples of Canada are recognized and affirmed in the Constitution Acts of 1867 to 1982 (section 35). Section 35(2) indicates that Indigenous peoples of Canada include First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples.

In keeping with this definition, you may self-identify by answering “Yes” to the question. You may further specify 1 of the following: First Nations, Métis or Inuit. If you do not meet this definition or do not wish to declare your status, leave the field blank or select “No/Undeclared”.

First-Generation Applicant
You may choose to indicate whether either of your parents/guardians attended a university or college. You are not required to provide this information; however, if you do, we will forward it to your chosen universities so they can inform you of specific services available to first-generation students.

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Citizenship and Language Information

Status in Canada and Country of Citizenship

  • Status in Canada and Country of Citizenship are required.
  • If you are a Canadian citizen, check the Status in Canada box marked “Canadian Citizen” and record “Canada” as your Country of Citizenship.
  • If you are a permanent resident or are applying with a “Study Permit” or “Other”, record a Country of Citizenship other than Canada. You must record the date of your entry into Canada.

First Language
The first language you learned at home as a child.

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