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Last updated: February 10, 2022

University program information changes regularly. View the application for the most up-to-date details.

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Thank you for considering Brock University! We welcome your application and ask that you carefully review this information prior to applying.

About Brock University

Experience Brock. Established in 1964, Brock University is one of Canada’s top postsecondary institutions. Located in the historic Niagara Region, we offer all the benefits of a young and modern university in a safe, community-minded city with beautiful natural surroundings.

With more than 19,000 students in 7 diverse faculties, we offer an academic experience that is second to none. Our degree programs are designed with your future in mind. We focus on your career with co-op and service-learning options that provide maximum exposure to your chosen field of study. At Brock University, you will have an experience that will set you apart and set you up for success.

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Notes for All Applicants

If you previously attended Brock University, or registered in courses at Brock but never attended classes, you must email us for the appropriate application form. This includes those who have studied at Brock on a Letter of Permission.

Application fees are non-refundable; therefore, it is in your best interest to check with the Admissions Office if this applies to you.

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Program Choice, Order and Alternative Offers

You can expect to receive an offer of admission to only 1 program. When you indicate more than 1 Brock program on your application, we will consider the top choice you listed at Brock first.

  • If you are not eligible for your first choice, we will consider subsequent choices in the order of preference you indicated on your application.
  • If you apply to only 1 Brock program and do not qualify, we will consider you for a related alternative program.

If you are completing classes at the time of application and receive an alternative program offer, we will automatically review your application again with the submission of your final results to determine eligibility for your preferred program. If space is available and you meet admission requirements, we will make a revised offer to your preferred program. Otherwise, your offer to the alternative program stands.

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Application Deadlines

  • Bachelor of Science Nursing application deadline: January 13, 2022
  • Bachelor of Science Nursing document submission deadline: February 10, 2022
    • Nursing is our most competitive program. We begin assessing your file and all supporting documents as soon as we receive your complete application.
      Note: Space for 105 applicants can fill up before the application and document submission deadlines. It is in your best interest to submit your application and all required documents as soon as the application opens.
  • International application: April 1, 2022
  • Domestic application: June 1, 2022

We assess applications on a first‑come, first‑served basis. We will make admission decisions once all required documents are submitted and your file is complete.

Note: Some programs have limited enrollment and admission is not guaranteed by attaining the minimum requirements.

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Entry Points

When you apply through the OUAC, program selections are for September entry. If you are interested in starting your studies in January or May, email us for additional information.

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We will consider full-year deferral requests. The decision as to whether a deferral is warranted is at our discretion and is not automatic.

We will consider full-year deferrals only after you accept your Brock University offer, we receive your final grades and you satisfy all conditions of your offer.

Visit our deferral web page for additional information.

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Supplementary Admission Requirements

Some Brock programs require an extra evaluation piece as part of your application. We will provide details about these supplementary requirements through an acknowledgement email you will receive when you submit your application and/or through emailed notifications.

We may consider submissions received after this date, subject to space availability.

OUAC Code BAI: BEd/BA Honours – Visual Arts Major (Intermediate-Senior Division) and
OUAC Code BR: BA Honours – Visual Arts (Studio Art)

  • Portfolio
  • Deadline: February 7, 2022

Read more about Visual Arts Portfolio requirements.

OUAC Code BGD: BA Honours – Game Design

  • Statement of Interest
  • Deadline: February 1, 2022

Read more about the Game Design Statement of Interest.

OUAC Code BGP: BSc Honours – Game Programming

  • Statement of Interest
  • Deadline: February 1, 2022

Read more about the Game Programming Statement of Interest.

OUAC Code BJ: BSc Honours – Mathematics & Statistics: Accelerated Mathematics Studies

  • Written Personal Statement
  • Mathematics Activities Portfolio
  • Deadline: February 1, 2022
    • Entrance examination and/or interview may be required after the deadline

Read more about the admission requirements for Accelerated Mathematics Studies.

OUAC Code BAI: BEd/BA Honours – Dramatic Arts Major (Intermediate-Senior Division) and
OUAC Code BT: BA Honours Dramatic Arts

  • DART Invitational

Read more about the DART Invitational and how to register.

OUAC Code BM: Bachelor of Music Honours

  • Department of Music Entrance Evaluation
    • Interview
    • Theory Placement Evaluation
    • Audition
    • Evaluations take place February through May each year.

Read more about Bachelor of Music Honours Entrance Evaluations.

OUAC Code BMM: BA Honours: Music

  • Department of Music Entrance Evaluation
    • Interview
    • Theory Placement Evaluation
    • Evaluations take place February through May each year.
    • Note: A playing audition is required for optional elective lesson courses.

Read more about BA Honours: Music Entrance Evaluations.

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Concurrent Education Applicants

Although the concurrent education programs are designed for students attending Brock from the beginning of their university career, university and college transfer applicants can receive a maximum of 4.0 transfer credits and still be admissible (at Brock, 1 full-time year of study equals 5.0 credits).

If you already hold a degree, you are not eligible for entry. You should refer to the Teacher Education Application Service (TEAS).

These programs have limited enrollment and space is not guaranteed by attaining the minimum admission requirements.

Read more about concurrent education.

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Canadian Out‑of‑province Applicants

If you are an out-of-province applicant and are currently attending your final year of high school (Grade 12 or equivalent), we will assess you for admission upon submission of completed Grade 11 and Grade 12 grades and proof of registration in remaining required Grade 12 courses.

Note: Applicants from British Columbia should make every effort to have first‑semester results and evidence of registration in second-semester courses sent directly from their high school, since provincial Ministry of Education reports provided to Brock rarely show sufficient information to make an admission decision.

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University/College Transfer Applicants

If you are applying to Brock as a transfer student from another postsecondary institution, you must submit transcripts from all institutions attended and include English translations, if needed. When you submit your application, you will receive an acknowledgement email with details about the submission of academic documents.

Read more about transferring from a college or university.

We will expect you to provide evidence of adequate academic preparation, including prerequisite subjects necessary for admission to a specific degree program.

Read more about Brock University/college collaborative programs and current transfer/articulation agreements.

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Applying to a Second or Subsequent Degree

You must have successfully completed a first degree with a minimum 65% overall average and have shown evidence of adequate academic preparation for entry into a second or subsequent degree. If you completed your first degree at Brock, you must apply for your second or subsequent degree through your my.brocku.ca student portal.

Admissions will require an official, final transcript from your home institution showing the degree was conferred.

If you are completing a degree at the time of application to a second or subsequent degree, we will accept and assess your application but cannot guarantee space until your current degree is conferred. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee admission based on attaining the minimum admission requirements, as some competitive programs may require a higher admission average and are limited in enrollment.

If you wish to pursue a second or subsequent undergraduate degree, you must:

  • have successfully completed the first degree with a minimum 65% average and
  • fulfill specific requirements of each degree program including prerequisites, co-requisites and honours standing requirements (where appropriate).

We may allow you to pursue undergraduate studies leading to a second or subsequent bachelor’s degree of the same or another designation under the following conditions:

  • The principal area of study or academic emphasis must be distinct from that of the first degree, determined at our discretion.
  • You must complete, with satisfactory standing, at least 50% more credits beyond the first degree.
  • If your first degree was a 3-year (15-credit) degree, you may receive up to 7 credits transferred to your new degree.
  • If your first degree was a 4-year or honours (20-credit) degree, you may receive up to 10 credits transferred to your new degree.

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Certificate Applicants

We have many certificate options – explore your passions while living your life on the go. Improve your skills and add to your resumé with a certificate from Brock University.

Apply to our 1-year certificate programs using our internal application. You can generally complete certificates on a part-time basis, although select certificates can be completed on a full-time basis. Email us for additional information before submitting your application.

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Home-schooled Applicants

We welcome applications from home-schooled students. You must apply no later than June 1, 2022. Due to the extensive assessment process often required for home-school applications, we encourage you to email us well before this date to ensure you select the correct courses for your Grade 12 year.

Review the Admission Criteria [PDF] for information on minimum entry requirements by program.

In addition, review our Home-schooled Admissions policy to better understand our assessment of these applications.

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Nursing (BScN)

We offer our 4‑year BScN Honours program entirely at the Brock University campus in St. Catharines. After completing the degree, you are eligible to write the certification exam to become a Registered Nurse. Choose this option if you wish to study at Brock University.

  • Note: Due to the specialized nature of the Brock University BScN Nursing program, second-degree applicants and university and college transfer applicants should note that transfer credit is very limited and not guaranteed. Successful applicants should expect to begin studies in year 1 to fulfill the unique requirements of the Brock Nursing program.
  • Current Brock students who wish to apply to change their major to BScN Nursing should use this application. For admission consideration, you must present an overall average of 75% on a minimum of 5.0 Brock credits, completed by May of the application year, and evidence of completion of advanced Grade 12 or university-level English, Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics (minimum 75% in each). Admission is not guaranteed and is subject to space availability in any given year.
  • If you wish to apply only to Brock’s Nursing program, you can apply through Brock’s internal application, following the same application deadlines as those who apply through the OUAC.

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English-language Proficiency

If English is not your first language, you must submit evidence of English-language proficiency. We will automatically notify you if you are required to submit a test result. Email us early in the application process if you have any questions about the need to submit an English-language proficiency test score.

We may consider you for an early offer prior to submission of an English-language proficiency score, with the condition that a successful score be submitted no later than June 1, 2022. If you submit an unsuccessful English-language proficiency result, we may consider you to study English through the Intensive English Language Program (IELP) conditional pathway prior to entering an undergraduate program.

We accept a wide range of in-person and online English proficiency tests. To learn more about these tests, score requirements and possible exemption from submitting a test, visit our English proficiency requirements page.

We reserve the right to request an English-language proficiency test score from any applicant, regardless of status or length of study in Canada.

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Admissions Accessibility Policy

This policy provides you with the opportunity to submit a statement for special admission consideration if you fall marginally below the admission average for your desired program. This personal statement provides us with insight as to how your grades may have been impacted by a unique circumstance, disability or equity-related issue.

You must submit your request for special admission consideration, including any supporting documentation, by April 15, 2022. We will review all files at the end of April.

Read more about the Admissions Accessibility policy.

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Student Accessibility Services

If you require special accommodation and have not already identified yourself during the application process, it is important to contact Student Accessibility Services immediately upon receiving an offer of admission to arrange for required accommodations.

We assist students with physical, medical, mental health and learning disabilities through exam accommodations, note-taking, technical assistance and campus advocacy and liaison. The campus is wheelchair accessible and includes accessible housing units.

Read more about Student Accessibility Services and register for accommodations.

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In residence at Brock, you will live in outstanding, modern facilities, meet new friends and become a vital part of our community.

All residences are located on, or within close walking distance of, the campus, and offer you the opportunity to choose between traditional dormitory, semi-suite, townhouse or independent suite-style accommodations.

Read more about our residences.

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Awards and Financial Aid

We are committed to encouraging academic excellence. We set aside funds to recognize our best and brightest students every year and offer competitive scholarships to entering and returning students.

Read more about our innovative scholarship awards and financial aid.

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Co‑op Programs

Although co-op programs are designed for students attending Brock from the beginning of their university career, university or college transfer applicants can receive a maximum of 5.0 transfer credits and still be considered for a co-op program (at Brock, 1 full-time year of study equals 5.0 credits). Applicants who already hold a degree are not eligible for admission.

Review Admission Criteria [PDF].

Note: Co-op spaces are limited and we do not guarantee admission based on meeting the minimum requirements.

Co-op Restrictions

International students on study permits are welcome to apply to, and be considered for, admission to co‑op programs at Brock University. However, admission to some programs may be limited or restricted due to industry requirements or Canadian immigration laws, which make it difficult to secure placements for study permit students and present challenges for successful completion of required work terms.

Co-op Accounting: If you are in Canada on a study permit, there may be restrictions regarding applying to this co-op program. International applicants applying to Co-op Accounting should note the required English proficiency test score needed for this program.

Co-op Political Science: You may apply for the Political Science co‑op program; however, you may not specialize in Public Administration.

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Med Plus

Interested in pursuing a career in health care? Get on the path to success and apply for our unique experiential program, Med Plus. Med Plus is a 4-year, non-credit initiative designed to run concurrently with your academic study.

Med Plus activities include:

  • volunteer opportunities
  • job shadowing
  • a speaker series
  • skills-development workshops
  • peer mentorship
  • program advising

Read more about the Med Plus program and the application process.

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Law Plus

Interested in pursuing a career in law and gaining pre-law experience? Law Plus is a 4-year, non-credit program that runs concurrently with your academic studies.

Learn about and build experiences in the law field by participating in job shadowing, networking opportunities with law professionals, skills-development workshops and volunteering.

In partnership with industry professionals, Law Plus provides you with practical experience and up-to-date information about careers in law. This program will help you develop a competitive edge when you apply to professional law programs and/or employment opportunities.

Read more about the Law Plus program and the application process.

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Contact Information

Brock University
Office of the Registrar – Undergraduate Admissions
1812 Sir Isaac Brock Way
St. Catharines ON  L2S 3A1

Telephone: 905‑688‑5550, ext. 4293
Fax: 905‑988‑5488
Email: futurestudent@brocku.ca

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