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Last updated: March 14, 2018

Glendon Campus (BA, iBA, BSc, iBSc) (Mid‑town campus; programs available in English and French)

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Bachelor of Arts

Program Code Program Name Program Notes
YGE Business Economics (BA)
YYS Canadian Studies (BA)
YYT Communications (BA)
YGD Drama Studies (BA)
YGK Economics (BA)
YGN English Studies (BA)
YGZ Environmental & Health Studies (BA)
YGF French Studies (BA)
YYN Gender & Women’s Studies (BA)
YYA History (BA)
YGI International Studies (BA)
YGW Linguistics & Language Studies (BA)
YYP Mathematics (BA)
YYQ Philosophy (BA)
YGQ Political Science (BA)
YGY Psychology (BA)
YYR Sexuality Studies (BA)
YYC Sociology (BA)
YGP Spanish (Hispanic Studies) (BA)
YGL Translation (BA)
YGR Translation (BA) – second entry degree Admission exam required
YGM Undecided Major (BA) (first-year only)

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Bachelor of Science

Program Code Program Name
YYF Biology (BSc)
YYH Psychology (BSc)

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International Bachelor’s Degrees

Program Code Program Name Subject of Major Interest Program Notes
YYU Dual Degree in International Studies (Glendon) & Business Administration (EMLyon) iBA/BBA Supplemental application required
YGG International Bachelor of Arts (bilingual) (iBA) Business Economics (iBA)
Canadian Studies (iBA)
Communications (iBA)
Drama Studies (iBA)
Economics (iBA)
English Studies (iBA)
French Studies (iBA)
Gender & Women’s Studies (iBA)
History (iBA)
International Studies (iBA)
Linguistics & Language Studies (iBA)
Mathematics (iBA)
Philosophy (iBA)
Political Science (iBA)
Psychology (iBA)
Sexuality Studies (iBA)
Sociology (iBA)
Spanish (Hispanic Studies) (iBA)
YYG  International Bachelor of Science (bilingual) (iBSc) Biology (iBSc)
Psychology (iBSc)

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