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Last updated: September 17, 2020

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About Glendon

Glendon is a leader in bilingual teaching and research in Toronto.

At Glendon, we speak the world. It is in our nature.

We are known for our highly personalized experience, with a focus on languages and innovative hands-on learning opportunities. Your journey at Glendon will provide you with the career skills for success in public service or various global industries.

Knowledge of a second language is not an admission requirement for most of our programs.

Glendon Quick Facts

  • 1959: Glendon is the founding campus of York University, Canada’s third largest university.
  • 26: Number of students per class on average.
  • 2,500: Our student population represents 100 countries and 30+ languages.
  • 50% of our campus is a forest with access to Toronto walking trails.
  • 35 minutes from downtown Toronto.
  • 24/7: Connect with us @GlendonCampus on social media platforms.

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University or College Transfer Students and Mature Students

Each year, we welcome a sizeable number of students arriving with workforce experience and from other universities and colleges.

Our students tell us that they were drawn to our small classes that encourage active participation and give them the chance to get to know their professors. Outside the classroom, you will get personalized assistance with library research, choosing courses, balancing life responsibilities and more.

You are welcome to work at your own pace, taking 1 or more courses, up to a full course load, each semester.

Transfer Credit Eligibility

University applicants may receive transfer credits for courses completed at another recognized university with a minimum mark of 60%, provided that the courses are recognized as meeting acceptable academic and accreditation standards.

College applicants may receive transfer credit that is dependent upon the college program and courses completed, the grades achieved and the program the applicant is entering at Glendon. We will consider courses that an applicant has achieved a minimum grade of 70% or above in for transfer credit.

We have several transfer credit policies and articulation agreements with Ontario’s public colleges. Graduates from eligible programs who meet the minimum academic performance requirements are eligible to receive specific transfer credits toward an honours degree, which can reduce the completion time by 1 year or more.

Read more about transfer credits.

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Develop Your Language Advantage

We are known for offering authentic learning situations in bilingual and multilingual environments, and programs and professors that are highly supportive.

Knowledge of a second language is not an admission requirement for most of our programs. Our programs welcome students of various abilities and proficiency levels and are primarily focused on French and English, with Spanish and Anishinaabemowin language opportunities.

You will get 1 of 4 levels of bilingual and trilingual certification attainable at Glendon. We will place you in the most appropriate French classes based on your language assessment.

View this video for more information on bilingualism at Glendon.

Various resources are available to support your language-learning journey and get you career-ready.

Improve your French (as a second language) with:

  • Salon francophone
  • Language Training Centre for Studies in French

Work on your English (as a second language) with:

  • ESL Open Learning Centre

Explore Spanish through the:

  • Spanish Resource Centre

Learn Anishinaabemowin.

Read more about language certification.

Glendon by Numbers

  • 2016: The Government of Ontario officially recognizes Glendon as a French-language service provider.
  • 100% of students graduate with a bilingual BA or BSc (English/French).

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Hands-on Learning Opportunities for Career Success

New Inquiry-Based Projects Incubator

Our Inquiry-Based Projects Incubator, also known as G21, is a series of activities designed to foster students who want to experiment and be prepared to solve some of the complex problems of tomorrow. Your ideas will be fueled by passion, aesthetics and ethics, and you will be challenged to think differently and bring new ideas to the table.

Read more about the G21.

The Glendon Digital Media Lab

The Glendon Digital Media Lab provides you with access to technological and pedagogical resources. It supports hands-on work in Glendon courses and your extracurricular projects, allowing you to pursue your passion.

Read more about the Glendon Digital Media Lab.

Exclusive Degrees: Program Highlights

Looking to explore global opportunities, get hands-on workplace experiences, teach others, discover life around and within us or understand new cultures? We are one of Canada’s top campuses offering international exchanges. We offer unique International BAs and BScs that prepare you for the global workforce of 2030.

Glendon students graduate with a degree from York University, and have access to all Keele Campus courses, amenities, scholarships, services and faculty during their studies.

Honours BA in Drama and Creative Arts

Our new Honours BA in Drama and Creative Arts allows you to specialize in either Drama or Visual Arts, with a personalized blend of classroom study and studio/performance opportunities. You will work with histories and concepts in the visual and performing arts and build practical skills through hands-on projects in the Glendon Theatre and Visual Arts studios.

Cognitive Neuropsychology Stream

We are proud to offer a new Cognitive Neuropsychology stream within the Glendon Psychology program, which allows you to study the relationship between the brain and behaviour. This stream coordinates applied research opportunities between Glendon students and affiliated hospitals and health centres for valuable hands-on experience.

New Pathways

We have partnered with York University’s Schulich School of Business to offer a Pathway to Master of Management (MMgt). High-achieving students can acquire 4 years of specialized knowledge in their undergraduate program of interest, then apply to a 1-year MMgt degree.

The Political Science Department and the Master’s in Public and International Affairs (MPIA) have also put in place a new program that will allow the best political science students to access the MPIA after their third year of study, and then complete their BA and the MPIA in 5 years instead of 6.

Finally, if you pursue an Honours BA or BSc at Glendon, you may jointly pursue an Honours Minor program offered at the School of Arts, Media, Performance and Design, and the School of Environmental Studies, except where a similar minor is offered at Glendon.

New Certificates

You can work towards the completion of a certificate while studying in your undergraduate program. We currently offer 2 new certificates:

  • Certificate of Proficiency in Spanish for Business and Professional Communication
  • Cross-Disciplinary Certificate in Public History

Experiential Education (EE)

EE is the application of theory to real-life situations such as workplace placements, lab research, community-based learning, field trips, role playing and more. These experiences are designed to help you use the theories learned in class and apply them in practice. EE opportunities at Glendon include part-time, summer, on- and off-campus roles that you can apply for and work placements. Last year, more than 9,500 EE positions were posted across both the Keele and Glendon campuses.

Glendon students develop key career skills and prepare for the workforce, whether through volunteer and work opportunities on campus, workshops or by joining 1 of over 35 student-run clubs and organizations.

Read more about Experiential Education at Glendon.

Did You Know?

  • 3X: Our students participate in exchanges abroad, 3 times the national average.
  • 1: First campus in Canada to offer International Bachelor of Arts (iBA) degrees.
  • 88% of employers are satisfied and very satisfied with Glendon students.

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Personalized Experience: Small Campus, Big Heart

Helping and supporting each other is what makes Glendon so special. We offer a personalized experience where you really matter – small classes, many support programs and student services dedicated to your success. Our engaged staff and faculty provide you with the safe and nurturing environment you need to succeed, both academically and professionally.

As a new Glendon student, you will receive personalized support from our Academic Advising team to chart an academic path that is right for you. Once you accept your offer of admission, you can book an enrollment appointment where you will get your first glimpse of life as a Glendon student. We will also pair you with a student mentor who can offer support and tips as you navigate your first year. This commitment to student service excellence continues past first year and beyond graduation.


We have 2 residence buildings. More than 90% of our rooms are singles and we guarantee first-year students a room if they apply by the deadline. Our residences are a 2-minute walk to classes and to the cafeteria, and include built-in support services led by your Don, a live-in senior student assigned to help you settle in. There is a year-round roster of activities in residence. Space is also available in residence for upper-year students.

Support for Transition to University

  • Start Your Quest: April to August – Learn about student life, residence life, academic support services, fall orientation and more.
  • GL Zone – A first-year mentorship program that supports your transition through peer support.
  • YU Start – Online student content that highlights the support available and provides relevant information that is helpful to all first-year students.
  • JumpStart: Successful Transition to University – Program in August that helps you successfully transition to university, both academically and personally.
  • Orientation Week – Includes Social Orientation and Glendon Orientation Day in September, a mandatory program introducing you to key services, resources and people in the Glendon community. Other student and parent orientation programs take place from August to September.

First-year Course Selection Process

Personalized enrollment appointments guide you through selecting and enrolling in courses that match your program requirements, personal goals and interests. Distance advising is also available via email if you require it. Enrollment appointments begin in May.

Book an appointment online through MyFile.

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Campus Visits

Please join us for our key events:

  • Fall Campus Day: Open House – November 22, 2020
  • March Break U – March 15 to 19, 2021
  • Experience Glendon: Spring Open House – March 28, 2021

We also offer daily campus tours. You can be a Glendon student for a day through our Shadow Program, which takes you right into a university class of your choice (by request only).

Find details or book your campus visit.

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Contact Us

Glendon Recruitment, Admissions & Applicant Relations
B108 York Hall, Glendon Campus
2275 Bayview Avenue
Toronto ON  M4N 3M6

Telephone: 416-487-6710
Email: liaison@glendon.yorku.ca

Website: www.glendon.yorku.ca/futurestudents
Instagram: @GlendonCampus
Twitter: @GlendonCampus
Facebook: www.facebook.com/GlendonCampus

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