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Last updated: November 24, 2020

University program information changes regularly. View the application for the most up-to-date details.

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About McMaster University


  • Founded in 1887 in Toronto through a bequest from the estate of Senator William McMaster, a member of the first Senate after Confederation and founding president of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.
  • Relocated from Toronto to Hamilton in 1930.

The Campus

  • Located in Hamilton, Ontario, about a 45-minute drive from Toronto, Niagara Falls and the United States border. The fourth largest city in Ontario and ninth largest city in Canada, Hamilton is a vast multicultural city that is an urban and industrial centre.
  • Our campus is over 300 acres of mostly green space, bordered by the Royal Botanical Gardens and Cootes Paradise, a wild bird sanctuary. We keep all our buildings within a 30-acre pedestrian-friendly centre core.
  • We are now one of the only entirely smoke-free universities in the country.
  • The McMaster Forest: 115 acres of natural lands in the Dundas Valley. Explore the natural beauty in McMaster’s own backyard at Nature@McMaster.

Special Characteristics

  • A research-intensive, student-centred university dedicated to advancing human and societal health and well-being.
  • Ranked in the world’s Top 75 by the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings.
  • Second in the world in THE’s University Impact Rankings 2019 based on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.
  • Winner of the 2018 Global Teaching Excellence Award from the Higher Education Academy for our strengths in experiential learning and our commitment to global engagement.
  • Named Canada’s most research-intensive university by Research Infosource in 2017, 2018 and 2019.
  • The McMaster Model, a problem-based, student-centred approach to learning, has been adopted worldwide.
  • Home to more than 70 research centres and institutes.
  • More than 70 international exchange agreements.
  • The only university in Canada to serve as host to the United Nations University through the Institute for Water, Environment and Health.
  • World-class athletic facilities; National women’s basketball champions (2019); national football champions (2011) and finalists (2012/2014).

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Admission Decisions

Admission to all McMaster programs is by selection. Meeting minimum-stated requirements for any program does not guarantee admission.

All programs have enrollment limits and may become full prior to published deadlines. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, not to accept, process or adjudicate applications or amendments to applications to any program at any time. We advise you to submit your application and/or amendments well in advance of the deadlines.

See the full admission requirements, policies and procedures at McMaster.

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Application Choices

You normally receive an offer of admission to only 1 program.

Note: If you select more than 1 McMaster program, we will review the application for the highest-choice program first.

We will review your application for subsequent program choices, in order of the preference you indicated, only if you are not eligible for your first-choice program.

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Non‑refundable Application Fees

We will not refund any portion of fee payments for application to the University. Ensure that you have carefully researched your application and our admission policies and procedures before you submit your application.

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Application Deadlines

By-selection Programs

All programs have enrollment limits and may become full prior to published deadlines. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, not to accept, process or adjudicate applications or amendments to applications to any program at any time. Meeting minimum application requirements does not guarantee admission to any program at McMaster University.

We have several highly competitive, by-selection programs that require a mandatory supplementary application/assessment, and all of these programs have early application and supplementary submission deadlines, as specified in the chart in this section.

Failure to apply on time or submit the required supplementary application/assessment by the specified dates will automatically disqualify you from being considered for these specified programs. We advise you to submit your application and/or amendments well in advance of the deadlines listed.

Program Application Deadline Mandatory Supplementary Application Deadline
Arts & Science I (Honours) February 1, 2021 February 1, 2021

Arts & Science (Honours) supplementary application

B.Com. Integrated Business & Humanities I (IBH) January 15, 2021 February 1, 2021
Bachelor of Engineering I and Bachelor of Engineering I (Co-op) January 15, 2021 January 29, 2021, noon (ET)
Integrated Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences (iBioMed) I and Integrated Biomedical Engineering & Health Sciences (iBioMed) (Co-op) I January 15, 2021 January 29, 2021, noon (ET)
Health Sciences I (Honours) January 15, 2021 Early February 2021

You will receive an email from the Bachelor of Health Sciences program office with details and a password to access the mandatory supplementary application. The supplementary application questions will be available for review in September prior to submission via the Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) website. Refer to the website for any updates to the supplementary application process.

Health Sciences (Honours) (Above Level I) April 1, 2021 Early April 2021

The program office will provide you with access for supplementary application submission in early April. The supplementary application questions are available for review prior to submission via the Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) website.

Note: Currently registered university transfer applicants must submit official final transcripts for the current academic year no later than June 1, 2021, to be considered for admission to this program.

Health Sciences (Above Level II) Biomedical Discovery & Commercialization February 1, 2021 February 1, 2021

Biomedical Discovery & Commercialization (Bachelor/Master)

Honours Biology and Pharmacology
Co-op (Above Level II)
February 1, 2021 February 1, 2021

Mandatory Letter of Intent specifying reasons for applying and applicant suitability for the program. Email by February 1, 2021.

Honours Integrated Science February 1, 2021 February 1, 2021

Honours Integrated Science Program

Actuarial & Financial Mathematics (Above Level I)

(Regular and Co-op Programs)

April 1, 2021 April 30, 2021

Actuarial & Financial Mathematics (Above Level 1) Regular and Co-op Programs

Justice, Political Philosophy & Law April 1, 2021 April 1, 2021

Justice, Political Philosophy & Law Program

Midwifery (including submission of all official transcripts and other required documentation) February 1, 2021 N/A

Note: You must complete all prerequisite subjects by the application deadline date. High school applicants: The corresponding Grade 11 subjects for prerequisite subjects must be included in the Grade 12 transcript to be submitted to the University no later than February 1, 2021, if you are completing the corresponding Grade 12 subject in the second semester.

Physician Assistant (including submission of all official transcripts and required documents) February 1, 2021 To be completed at the end of February 2021.

Physician Assistant Program

Social Work (Social Sciences Honours BA [Above Level I]) February 1, 2021 February 1, 2021

Supplemental SWAT Application for Honours BSW

Bachelor of Technology Degree Completion (Above Level I) April 1, 2021 (May intake)
July 15, 2021 (September intake)
November 1, 2021 (January intake)
Must be completed by the application deadline.

Bachelor of Technology degree mandatory supplementary application

Nursing I February 1, 2021 You must complete the CASPer® test on 1 of the dates listed on the CASPer website.
Nursing I (University transfer applicants from programs other than Nursing must have completed a minimum of 12 units of degree study prior to date of application) February 1, 2021 You must complete the CASPer test on 1 of the dates listed on the CASPer website.
Transfer from Nursing program at McMaster Site N/A McMaster will not typically accept transfer applications from students already in a Nursing program elsewhere. Students from other university Nursing programs should contact the McMaster Nursing program office at 905‑525‑9140, ext. 22232, for information about transfer options and application procedures.
Nursing: Accelerated Stream (Above Level I) February 1, 2021 You must complete the CASPer test on 1 of the dates listed on the CASPer website.

Application Deadlines for All Other Undergraduate Programs

February 1, 2021 – Applications received on or before February 1, 2021, with all supporting official documentation received no later than February 15, 2021, from applicants with no postsecondary experience will be reviewed for admission pending space availability in the program. All applications received after February 1, 2021, will be considered only if there is space available in the program.

April 1, 2021 – The final date to apply for admission and submit all required documentation for admission consideration is April 1, 2021. This final deadline applies to all international and domestic applicants.

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Application Processing Timelines

We require all relevant documentation before we will deem an application file ready for admission consideration.

Once we receive all required documentation and process it in our office, it may take approximately 4 to 6 weeks to process a decision.

For second- or third-year programs in the faculties of Science and Engineering, we will not make admission decisions for university or college transfer applicants until after receipt of official final (vs. interim) transcripts. This means that we will not make admission decisions for applicants who are currently registered at other institutions at the time of application until May or June, when final transcripts become available.

Spaces in all the upper-year programs in these 2 faculties are very limited, and we will consider admission on a first-come, first-served basis. Meeting minimum application requirements will not guarantee admission. We will post all decisions for applicants using the 105 application on the online McMaster Mosaic Applicant Portal and will email a notification of a decision directly to the email account you supplied in your application.

For programs listed under Application Deadlines with January and February application deadlines and mandatory supplementary application deadlines, the majority of offers of admission will be made in early May.

Note: Many of our programs may become full before published deadlines. We will stop making offers of admission if this happens, regardless of an applicant’s qualifications. It is critical that you apply and submit any necessary documentation well before published deadlines.

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We offer entrance awards to international, Canadian and permanent resident (landed immigrant) students entering Level I of a first baccalaureate degree program and who have not attended a postsecondary institution.

Awards are based on final admission averages. We offer many in‑course scholarships for students enrolled in programs above Level I.

Note: Some eligibility restrictions apply.

Read more about terms and conditions for all scholarships and financial aid.

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Residence Accommodations

We allocate residence places based on academic standing for Level I applicants who are currently in high school.

In previous years, a minimum average in the low to mid-80s (or equivalent) was required for guaranteed residence. This average is subject to change for 2021 admission.

If you have previous postsecondary experience, you are not eligible for guaranteed residence.

We encourage you to review available off-campus housing opportunities listed on the McMaster Off-Campus Resource Centre site.

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Support Services

The Student Success Centre provides you with academic and development support, including understanding academic expectations, developing academic skills, and job search and interview skills workshops.

Student Accessibility Services offers various supports for students with disabilities, including learning strategies, assistive technologies and classroom accommodations.

The Student Wellness Centre is available for all McMaster students and includes medical and health services and personal/psychological/academic counselling.

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Semester Entry Points

Full‑time: September only (fall/winter session).
Part‑time: September, May and June. Winter admission is available for the Bachelor of Technology Degree Completion (above Level I) program only.

Use the 105 application to apply to a full‑time fall/winter session or part-time admission in spring/summer or fall/winter.

Note: International applicants who study in Canada under a study permit must be enrolled at McMaster University in full-time study only.

Previous McMaster students should consult our website for information about the appropriate application form to use.

See the McMaster University Returning Student Application form.

Note: Most of our programs are available for fall admission only. If you are completing your high school diploma in May or June, you are not eligible for spring or summer admission and should apply for fall admission only. If you are completing your college diploma or university degree in May, then spring admission is not an option.

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Important Additional Admission Information


If you apply to McMaster, you must provide and maintain an active personal and unique email address that you do not share with any other current or previous applicants to McMaster University or with any current student or employee at the university.

During the application process, we will communicate important information, including application decisions, via email. If you do not provide a personal and unique email address, we cannot guarantee that you will receive critical and timely communication from us, and your application may be jeopardized.

We highly recommend that you do not use school- or employer-issued email addresses as these are normally deactivated upon departure from the school/employer.

Make McMaster a Safe Sender

Email is the primary communication tool for Admissions at McMaster University. We will send important messages outlining the next steps required to complete your application and other important information to the email address associated with your application.

After you submit your application, add the “mcmaster.ca” domain to your email “safe senders” list and check your junk mail/spam regularly.

Postsecondary Transfers

If you are applying for transfer from a college or different university with advanced standing, you should be aware that competition is keen for a limited number of spaces.

Note: Admission is by selection, and most programs will require academic standing well above the minimums stated in the McMaster Undergraduate Calendar or on McMaster Future Students. We will make early conditional offers of admission to currently registered university or college students who present a strong academic record at the end of the fall semester.

For us to consider you for an early conditional offer, you must forward, by February 1, 2021, an official interim transcript from your current school, including fall term grades, your official high school transcript and other documentation, as requested.

Although the last day to apply and submit all required documentation for fall 2021 admission is April 1, 2021, we cannot guarantee a timely review of your application if you do not submit all required documentation by February 1, 2021, especially for limited enrollment programs that may become full prior to April 1, 2021.

Document Evaluation Fee (Non-refundable)

All 105 applicants must submit a non‑refundable $95 document evaluation fee to the OUAC.


  • Those who are currently attending full‑time academic study in the final year of an Ontario Secondary School Diploma program.
  • Those who are enrolled in any program at Six Nations Polytechnic and have not previously attended a postsecondary institution.

Research McMaster programs carefully before applying and paying your fees. Application fees will not be refunded.

Students Applying with International Documentation

Applicants with foreign (non-Canadian and non‑continental US) transcripts should pay particular attention to the requirements.

We may require students presenting final transcripts from schools outside of North America to have their admission documents authenticated by World Education Services (WES). This requirement may be a condition of admission if we deem you admissible.


Transcripts (unofficial) must be sent directly to the McMaster Admissions Office via the process outlined in our acknowledgement communication, which we will send to you within 3 to 5 working days following the submission of your application.

Transcripts sent to McMaster Undergraduate Admissions using acceptable electronic delivery protocols from sources like Parchment/Naviance, eSPRIP-SAFE, National Clearing House, OUAC EDI, etc. will be deemed as official for admission purposes.

You may order transcripts from most Ontario universities and/or colleges at the same time you complete your OUAC application.


  • If you are currently attending a fall semester at your school, you should order a transcript to be sent after the grades from the first semester are available (normally sent in January for most curriculums).
  • If you are currently attending a winter or spring semester, order a transcript to be sent immediately, as well as at the end of the semester.

We will communicate any additional requirements after the initial receipt of the application. Watch your email for notification of any changes in your McMaster required checklist items.

Note: All documents you submit in support of your application become the property of McMaster University and we do not return them.

Read more about international transcript documentation.

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English-language Proficiency

Each student that we grant admission to must be proficient in the use of the English language. You must present an acceptable score on 1 of the English-language proficiency tests that we recognize. See our English-language requirements website for acceptable score requirements.

If you have completed a minimum of 4 years of full-time academic studies (non-ESL) in an accredited educational institution in Canada (or other English-speaking country) immediately prior to application, or have resided in an English-speaking country for 4 years immediately prior to application, you may be exempt from this requirement. However, exemption is not automatic, and we may require a test of proficiency from any applicant at any time.

We may, at our sole discretion, challenge any test score we deem as either suspicious or inaccurate and may require you to take another test of our choosing for English-language proficiency.

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Mandatory Supplementary Applications

The following limited enrollment, by-selection programs have mandatory supplementary applications, which are a critical component of the selection process. Although the deadline dates listed in this application guide were correct at the time of publishing, you should confirm specific deadlines for supplementary applications.

We normally make offers of admission for all by-selection programs in early May.

Arts & Science (Honours)

This is a special interdisciplinary program with a limited enrollment of 70 students in Level I. We normally require a minimum average of 88% for consideration for this program. You must submit an Arts & Science (Honours) mandatory supplementary application by the specified deadline.

B.Com. Integrated Business & Humanities (IBH)

This exciting program augments the business education offered by the DeGroote School of Business with robust educational pedagogy in the Faculty of Humanities to create a unique undergraduate program that focuses on training responsible leaders. IBH contains strong experiential learning components, takes a global approach to leadership and management and places a high priority on community engagement and sustainable business practices.

Admission is by selection and enrollment is limited to 60 students. We require a minimum secondary school average of 88% for consideration for this program. You must submit a mandatory supplementary application prior to the specified deadline.

  • Admission is not available for college diploma transfer applicants. Admission is based solely upon high school academic performance and the mandatory supplemental application.
  • This program is not available as an option for application for either university transfer applicants or second-degree applicants.

Read more about the B.Com. Integrated Business & Humanities.

Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Engineering (Co-op)

Enrollment in Level I Engineering is limited and by selection. We require a minimum average in the high 80s for consideration for this program. You must submit a mandatory supplementary application prior to the specified deadline.

Read more about the Bachelor of Engineering.

Integrated Biomedical Engineering & Health Sciences (iBioMed) and Integrated Biomedical Engineering & Health Sciences (iBioMed Co-op)

Biomedical engineering is an emerging discipline requiring graduates with both specialized training and an interdisciplinary breadth of learning across many fields of study. This innovative program aims to produce such graduates, as it is the first of its kind in Canada to offer a 5-year Biomedical Engineering + specialization program that integrates Engineering with Health Sciences.

Admission is by selection, and enrollment is limited to 140 students. We require a minimum average in the low 90s for consideration for this program. You must submit a mandatory supplementary application prior to the specified deadline.

Note: Admission is based solely upon high school academic performance.

Read more about Integrated Biomedical Engineering & Health Sciences.

Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours)

Enrollment in Level I is limited to 240 students. We require a minimum average of 90% for consideration for this program. You must submit a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) mandatory supplementary application by the specified deadline.

Bachelor of Health Sciences (Above Level II) Biomedical Discovery & Commercialization

The Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization (BDC) program is the culmination of much planning for a multidisciplinary training program, concentrated in the biomedical sciences, which equips graduates with strong discovery research skills, business acumen and a meaningful experiential connection to the Health Sciences sector.

This innovative “4+1” year bachelor-master program provides a unique entry point – Level III of undergraduate studies – for students in the following programs:

  • Health
  • Life
  • Physical Sciences

Students in other programs may also be eligible to apply, depending on their educational background.

You must submit a mandatory supplementary application by the specified date.

Read more about BDC application procedures and the mandatory supplementary application.

Bachelor of Technology Degree Completion (Above Level I)

Enrollment in all degree-completion disciplines is limited and admission is by selection. We require a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 75-77% or greater from a relevant 3‑year Engineering Technology Diploma program.

You must submit a Bachelor of Technology Degree Completion mandatory supplementary application before all published application deadlines for your selected date of entry.

Honours Biology and Pharmacology Co-op (Above Level II)

Honours Biology and Pharmacology is the longest-standing undergraduate co-operative education program at McMaster University. It began over 20 years ago to provide students with comprehensive interdisciplinary knowledge of Biology and Pharmacology (BioPharm). The program starts in Level III and takes 3 years to complete.

The Honours Biology and Pharmacology program combines courses from the Department of Biology in the Faculty of Science with those from the Faculty of Health Sciences. Biology courses provide wide exposure to modern biological concepts and techniques, while specialized Pharmacology courses provide students with skills in theoretical and practical aspects of the actions and uses of drugs.

The BioPharm program at McMaster prides itself on the quality of its graduates both in their practical skills and theoretical knowledge. There are many aspects of the program that set it apart, including limited enrollment of 20 students per year, high instructor-to-student ratios in both tutorial and lab courses, problem-based learning and a self-directed approach to researching and learning about many aspects of Pharmacology.

The program also offers up to 12 months of co-op experience in major areas such as academia, government and pharmaceutical industries; the opportunity to develop a professional network during work terms with co-op supervisors and program instructors; a fully paid co-op placement; and excellent preparation for graduate schools, professional schools and the job market.

You must submit a mandatory Letter of Intent outlining reasons for applying and applicant suitability for the program prior to the February 1, 2021, application deadline.

Read more about the BioPharm program.

Honours Integrated Science (iSci)

Enrollment in Level I is limited to 60 students. Successful candidates will present a minimum average in the high 80s.

In first year, students will engage in research and obtain an integrated background in science subjects. The program produces students who will understand how scientific thought is created and communicated.

Interdisciplinary teams of instructors will teach you in laboratory and field settings as well as in lectures, workshops and tutorials.

You will use thematic modules to understand the connections between various scientific disciplines and the relevance of science to modern society.

You must submit a iSci mandatory supplementary application prior to the specified deadline.

Justice, Political Philosophy & Law

Building on our internationally recognized expertise in legal philosophy and constitutional law, the Faculty of Humanities has introduced an exciting new Honours program.

The program fosters a sophisticated understanding of the law and legal institutions, and of the political and moral theories that address the value and justice of these institutions. You enter the program in Level II and take a wide range of courses in law, policy, global politics, political philosophy and moral theory, feminist jurisprudence, human rights, globalization, international law, and war and peace.

To qualify for the program, we recommend that you complete Humanities I with at least 3 units of Level I Philosophy. Applicants transferring from other universities must apply for admission and complete a Justice, Political Philosophy & Law mandatory supplementary application no later than April 1, 2021.

Nursing (McMaster site) and Nursing Accelerated Stream

Enrollment in all Nursing streams is limited, and admission is by selection. The deadline to apply to Nursing programs is February 1, 2021. Find the test dates for the required CASPer supplementary assessment/application on the CASPer website.

Physician Assistant

The Physician Assistant Supplementary Application and all official transcripts are due February 1, 2021. To be eligible for admission to this program, you must first complete at least 2 full academic years of undergraduate course work by June 2021 and have achieved the required minimum grades/GPA for admission consideration.

The Physician Assistant Education program at McMaster requires a supplementary application due by the end of February. We will email access to the supplementary application on February 21, 2021. The deadline for the supplementary application assessment fee as specified on the Physician Assistant website is February 28, 2021.

Social Work

Download the Social Work supplementary application or call the School of Social Work at 905‑525‑9140, ext. 23795.

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Co-operative Education/Internships

The Faculty of Science offers Honours Co‑op programs in the following areas:

  • Honours Actuarial and Financial Mathematics
  • Honours Biochemistry
  • Honours Chemical Biology – Biomedical Research Specialization
  • Honours Chemistry
  • Honours Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Honours Environmental Sciences
  • Honours Geography and Environmental Sciences
  • Honours Life Sciences
  • Honours Mathematics and Statistics
  • Honours Molecular Biology and Genetics
  • Honours Physics

The Faculty of Health Sciences offers an Honours Biology and Pharmacology Co-op Program.

These are 5-year programs that commence in year 3.

The Faculty of Engineering permits you to enroll in a co‑op or a non‑co‑op version of each program in any level. Simply choose the appropriate Engineering or Computer Science co‑op courses at the time of registration for us to consider you for the co‑op version of the programs. Co‑op placements are a mandatory component of all Bachelor of Technology degree programs.

The Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Science offer industrial internships in your second or third year (or fourth year for some 5-year Engineering programs).

The School of Business offers an internship program after successful completion of Level III.

The Faculty of Social Sciences offers an internship option to those registered in most Honours programs, if they have successfully completed their second year.

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Interdisciplinary Studies

Many opportunities exist for interdisciplinary studies in the following areas:

  • Business
  • Engineering
  • Health Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences
  • Science faculties, through combined Honours programs

A concurrent diploma from McMaster is available in Music Performance if you are enrolled in a degree program at McMaster.

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Collaborative Programs

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) Degree Completion Program

This program is offered jointly by McMaster University and Mohawk College. Admission requirements include satisfactory completion of a relevant 3-year Engineering Technology diploma (or equivalent) with a minimum cumulative GPA of 75-77% or greater.

Read more about the B.Tech. degree completion program.

Bachelor of Technology (Honours)

The Faculty of Engineering at McMaster and Mohawk College’s School of Engineering Technology have partnered to create 4‑year B.Tech (Honours) programs that provide accelerated paths to both a B.Tech degree from McMaster and an advanced Diploma in Technology from Mohawk College.

Read more about the B.Tech. program.

Medical Radiation Sciences

The Faculty of Science offers a fully integrated, collaborative, 4‑year program between McMaster University and Mohawk College. You pursue 2 qualifications simultaneously, and receive a Bachelor’s degree from McMaster and an Advanced Diploma in Medical Radiation Sciences from Mohawk.

Read more about Medical Radiation Sciences.


If you are interested in a McMaster Nursing degree (BScN), you have 3 location options: McMaster University, Mohawk College or Conestoga College. Each of the 3 education sites will offer the 4‑year program that uses a problem‑based learning and small group tutorial educational model.

Apply to Nursing at the 2 college sites via OCAS.

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Additional Program Options Beyond First Year

Medicine at McMaster

McMaster also offers an undergraduate program in Medicine.

Read more about Medicine at McMaster or call 905‑525‑9140, ext. 22235.

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Contact Information

McMaster University
Office of the Registrar, Admissions Office
Gilmour Hall, Room 108
1280 Main Street West
Hamilton ON  L8S 4L8

Telephone: 905‑525‑4600 or 905‑525‑9140, ext. 24796
Live chat available

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