ORPAS – Document Tracking

You can monitor your document tracking as soon as you create your application. It is your responsibility to ensure that ORPAS receives your application and all required supporting documentation by the required deadline.


Ensure you give your referees sufficient time to complete their references, and submit them to ORPAS by the deadline date. It is your responsibility to ensure your referee receives the email or downloadable form.


Official transcripts are required for each university, college, CEGEP, junior college, graduate school or other postsecondary institution you have registered at.

If you attended, or are currently enrolled at an Ontario university, you must use the online transcript request in the application. Note: The transcript request is not submitted until you submit and pay for your application.

For more information, please review the transcript section of the ORPAS Application Guide.

GPA Calculations

Beginning in February, applicants will have access to their ORPAS GPA and sub-GPA calculations. Applicants are responsible for reporting any required changes to their academic record by February 16, 2018.

Any questions or concerns regarding your GPA should be communicated to ORPAS via SAM.