ORPAS – Review and Make Changes to Your Application

You can make changes to your online application once you submit your application and pay all required fees. You will require your OUAC username and password to access your application. After submitting changes, you will be locked out of your application for 1 business day.

Note: Your changes will not be submitted until you click “Review and Submit” and follow the “Submit” process. You will receive a confirmation number if this is done successfully.

When you add another program/university choice, the OUAC will forward your file to the new choice. Adding choices is only allowed before the application deadline.

Once you submit your application, you cannot make changes to the following information:

  • prerequisites
  • personal submissions
  • referees
  • status in Canada
  • academic record, including GPA calculations

Reminder: All fees are non-refundable. If you withdraw a choice, the fee you paid for that choice will not be refunded, nor can it be applied to another university.