TEAS – Academic Background

Institution Type

Secondary school: Indicate your highest level of study prior to the university or college level (e.g., secondary school, high school, senior matriculation). Record only the last secondary school you attended.

Postsecondary: Indicate any level of study that occurred after secondary school (e.g., university, college).

Date Attended

From: Indicate the date you first registered at this school/institution.

To: Indicate the date you last registered at this school/institution; or if you are currently attending this institution, indicate your expected end date.

Institution Location

Select the location of the institution from the drop-down list.

Institution Name

Select the Institution from the “Institution Name” drop-down list, where possible. Choose the main campus name even if you attend or attended an alternate campus location.

Highest Grade or Year Level Achieved

Indicate the number of years you attended or will have attended at this school/institution.

Diploma/Degree Expected or Awarded

Indicate the name of the diploma or degree conferred, or to be conferred, by this school/institution.

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