TEAS – Personal Information

Title, Gender and Date of Birth

Title and Gender are optional fields. Date of birth is used for identification and document matching purposes. Gender and date of birth are collected for statistical purposes only and do not form part of the university’s admission decision.

Name/Personal Information

Provide all legal names.

Ensure your first and second names are in the same order as they appear on your supporting documentation.

Record any former last name(s) so that TEAS and the universities can match your documents to your application file.

First Language

The first language you learned at home as a child.

Language of Correspondence

Select English or French.

Aboriginal/Indigenous Declaration

This is a voluntary declaration.


Indicate your status in Canada and your country of citizenship. If you are a Canadian citizen, enter “Canada”.

Permanent residents must submit a photocopy of the front and back of their Permanent Resident Card issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The date on the back must be legible.

Include your name and OUAC/TEAS Reference Number on all correspondence. You may also wish to indicate a special status (e.g., convention refugee).