TEAS – Program Choices

Select a Division

  1. Primary/Junior: Junior Kindergarten through Grade 6.
  2. Junior/Intermediate: Grade 4 through Grade 10.
  3. Intermediate/Senior: Grade 7 through Grade 12.
  4. Technological Education: This program is only available at a few faculties of education. Refer to each faculty of education’s section for additional information.

Teaching Subjects

Teaching subjects normally require previous university course work. Check the prerequisites in each Faculty of Education Information section before selecting a teaching subject and ensure that the desired subject is available at your choice of faculty of education.

  1. Primary/Junior: Do not select a specific teaching subject. Exception: French as a Second Language, which is an option at the University of Ottawa and Western University.
  2. Junior/Intermediate: Select 1 teaching subject from the Teaching Subjects list.
  3. Intermediate/Senior: Select 2 teaching subjects from the Teaching Subjects list.
  4. Technological Education: Select 1 teaching subject from the Teaching Subjects list.