Potential Missing Information on Your 101 or 105 Undergrad Application

January 25, 2017

The Ontario universities want ALL OUAC applicants to review their application to ensure they have completed the appropriate fields in the “Other Information” section of the application.

For this reason, the email “Potential Missing Information on Your University Application” was sent to ALL OUAC applicants who created a 101 or 105 application, regardless of whether the information was missing or not.

What should you do?

You do not need to contact us or take any further action if the following applies to you:

  1. The “Other Information” section was complete when you reviewed your application.
  2. You were missing information in the “Other Information” section; you have added the missing info, and received a confirmation number on the “Complete” screen.
  3. Your application is currently being processed by the OUAC and you cannot access it. Please be patient. We are processing a backlog of 105 applications. The universities are aware of this backlog. Once you can access your application, follow the steps from the first email we sent you and add the missing information.

If any of the scenarios 1, 2 or 3 apply to you – that’s it. You’re done! You do not need to do anything else.

If you have reviewed your application and need to add information to the “Other Information” section, follow the steps outlined in the email we sent to you. Ensure you see a confirmation number on the “Complete” screen. After that – you’re done! You do not need to let the OUAC know once you have added the information.

Note: If you add information to your application, the OUAC will send it to the universities. Adding details to the “Other Information” section at this point in the application process will NOT negatively affect the outcome of your application.

The OUAC and the Ontario universities continue to work in close partnership to ensure all applicants are well served.

Thank you for your patience,

The OUAC Applicant Services Team