Program Grouping – Physical Science


JBJ Geography (4 yrs)


BBP Biophysics
BEG Environmental Geosciences
BJC Chemistry
BJP Physics
BO Geography BSc
BX Earth Sciences


CIP Photonics & Laser Technology


GSP BSc Physical Sci – Seneca


AAJ Geography – Honours
ABT Geography – Hon A&Sc (Orillia)
ADT Geoarchaeology
ADU Geography – Sci
ADV Geography with Geology Minor
ADW Geology
ADX Mathematical Physics
AE Physics
AEA Physics Coop
AEB Physics conc Biomed Physics
AF Geography – General (Arts)
AGC Earth Science – General
AGE Geoarchaelogy – General
AGF Geography – General (Sci)
AGK Physics – General
AGQ Geography (PJ) – Hon (Arts)
AHD Geography (IS) – Hon (Arts)
AHL Geography (PJ) – Hon (Orillia)
AHO Geography (IS) – Hon (EnvSci)
AHP Geography (IS) – Hon (EnvSt)
AHX Geography (PJ) – Hon (Sci)
AHZ Physics (PJ) – Honours
AIF Geography (IS)- Honours (Sci)
AIG Geology (IS) – Honours
AII Physics (IS) – Honours
AIO Geography (PJ) – Gen (Arts)
AJ Geography (IS) – Gen (Arts)
AJG Earth Science (PJ) – General
AJH Geography (PJ) – Gen (Sci)
AJK Physics (PJ) – General
AJL Earth Science (IS) – General
AJM Geography (IS) – Gen (Sci)
AJO Physics (IS) – General


LBI Biomedical Physics
LCY Chemistry
LEQ Environmental Science
LES Environmental Studies
LEV Études de l’environnement
LIO Biology – Ecology
LJS Environmental Geoscience
LPC Pharmaceutical Chemistry
LPW Physics
LTG Biology – Restoration Biology
LVI Earth Sciences
LZS Geography


MPS Chemical & Physical Sciences I


OF Physique
OFA Physique-mathématiques
OUS Chemistry
OUU Geology
OUV Geology-Physics
OUX Physics
OUY Physics-Mathematics
OZV Chimie
OZW Géologie
OZX Géologie-physique


SCH Chemistry
SMP Medical Physics


TMW Chemical & Physical Sciences
TPG Physical & Math Sciences
TSB Coop Physical & Environ Sci
TSP Physical & Environmental Sci
TTM Materials Engineering


RAV Env & Resource Studies
RCH Chemistry
RCU Forensics & Arts
RCY Comp Sys & Phys Peterbo
REG Environmental Geoscience
RES Environmental Science/Studies
RGS Geography BSc
RHY Chemical Physics
RPY Physics
RSU Forensics & Science
RSV Env & Resource Science
RVC Environmental Chemistry


DSK Physics
DSW Pharmaceutical Chemistry
DSY Chemistry


WEB Environment & Business
WER Environ Res & Sustainability
WG Geography & Environmental Mgmt
WPS Physical Sciences
WSE Environmental Science

Wilfrid Laurier

UCP Chemistry & Physics
UHC Chemistry
UHG Geography
UKC Chemistry & Mathematics
UMD Geography – Mgmt
UMJ Chemistry – Mgmt
UMK Chemistry & Mathematics – Mgmt
UMV Physics – Mgmt
UNC Chemistry & Physics – Mgmt
USP Physics


NFS Forensic Science
NLS Env Science & Env Studies
NSC Chemistry
NSP Physics


YPU Honours Integrated Science
YS Geography (BSc)
YSC Chemistry
YSE Earth & Atmospheric Science
YSP Physics & Astronomy
YSU Undecided Major (BSc)