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Program Grouping – Commerce, Management and Business Administration


JAA Accounting (3 yrs)
JDA Business Admin (4 yrs)
JDB Business Admin (BBA Brampton)
JDC Fin & Econ (Brampton) (4 yr)
JDD Bus Admin – Accounting 4
JDE Bus Admin – Economics 4
JDF Bus Admin – Human Res Mgmt 4
JDG Bus Admin – Marketing 4
JDH Bus Admin – Accounting Bramp 4
JDI Bus Admin – HR Mgmt Bramp 4
JDJ Bus Admin – Marketing Bramp 4
JDK Aviation Mgmt (BBA Brampton)


BCB Computing & Business
BK Accounting
BLB Labour Studies
BN Business Administration
BND Bus Admin Co-op Intl Dual Degr
BSM Sport Management
BTV Tourism & Environment
BUD Business Communication
BW Recreation & Leisure Studies


CBB Intl Business
CC Commerce
CDA Post-Bac Dipl Accounting
CDE Post-Bacc Dipl Economics
CPA Public Policy & Admin


GBB Food & Agricultural Business
GBD Management Economics & Finance
GBE Marketing Management
GBF Management
GBJ Public Management
GBK Accounting
GBU Commerce – Undeclared Major
GBX Sport and Event Mgmt (Coop&Reg
GDB Hon BBA & Dip Business Admin
GHR Real Estate & Housing
GHT Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
GQT Hosp & Tour Mgmt 2 yr diploma


LGD Admin des affaires (H)


AAU Business Pathway
AE Business


LBO Workplace & Labour Studies
LHH Commerce
LOE Sports Administration
LOI Business Admin- Marketing
LOJ B.A.A. – Marketing
LOK Business Admin – Finance
LON B.A.A. – Finance
LOP B.A.A. – Entrepreneurship
LOQ Business Administration
LOR Administration des affaires
LOS Business Admin – HR Mgmt
LOV B.A.A. – Gestion intl
LOW Bus Admin Accounting
LOY Bus Admin – Operations Mgmt
LOZ B.A.A. – Comptabilité
LXJ Administration des affaires
LYO Business Admin (Online)


MB Business I
MBH Integrated Bus & Humanities I
MU Commerce (> I)


PBA Bach of Bus Admin
PCA Bach of Commerce Algonquin
PCB Bach of Commerce Centennial
PCG BComm – 4 Year Dist Algonquin
PCL Bach of Commerce Lambton
PCO Bach of Commerce Distance
PCW Bach of Commerce St Clair

Ontario Tech

DBB Commerce Bridge
DBC Commerce
DBF Finance (BCom)
DBG Accounting (BCom)
DBH Org Behav & Hum Res Mgmt(BCom)
DBM Marketing
DBR Commerce – Direct Entry
DBT Technology Management (BCom)
DCC Commerce (Co-op)
DCF Finance (BCom) (Co-op)
DCG Accounting (BCom) (Co-op)
DCH Org Behav & Hum Res Mgmt(coop)
DCM Marketing (Co-op)
DCT Technology Mgmt (BCom) (Co-op)


OJD Sci commerciales/Juris Doctor
OJM BComm / Juris Doctor
OTA Commerce – Healthcare Analytic
OTB Sci comm – Soins de santé
OTC Commerce – Accounting
OTF Comptabilité
OTO Commerce – Finance
OTQ Commerce – Human Resource Mgmt
OTR Finance
OTS Commerce – International Mgmt
OTT Gestion ressources humaines
OTU Commerce – Management
OTV Gestion internationale
OTW Commerce – Marketing
OTX Sci commerciales – Management
OTZ Sci commerciales – Marketing
OWM Commerce – Bus Tech Mgmt
OWN Sci comm – Gestion tech affair


QC Commerce
QCQ Commerce – Upper Yr


TAC Rotman Commerce
TME Commerce (Acctg, Fin, Mktg)
TMF MS:Commerce
TMG Management
TMJ MS:Stdy in Mngment (Guarantee)
TSM Management
TXB Coop Mgmt & Intl Business
TXM SC:Pre-program Management
TXQ BBA Mgmt & Fin & BSc Quant Fin

Toronto Met

SB Bus Mgmt – Entrepreneurship
SBB Business Technology Management
SBC Bus Mgmt – Econ & Mgmt Sci PT
SBE Business Management
SBG Bus Mgmt – Marketing Mgmt PT
SBH Bus Mgmt – HR Mgmt PT
SBJ Bus Mgmt – Entrepreneurship PT
SBK Bus Mgmt – Global Mgmt PT
SBL Bus Mgmt – Law & Business PT
SBN Bus Tech Mgmt – ICT
SBO Accounting & Finance
SBR Retail Management
SBZ Bus Tech Mgmt – Degree Compl
SDB Business Management PT
SG Bus Mgmt – Econ & Mgmt Sci
SHP Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
SJ Bus Mgmt – Marketing Mgmt
SO Bus Mgmt – Global Mgmt
SQ Bus Mgmt – Human Resources
SR Bus Mgmt – Real Estate Mgmt
SRM Bus Mgmt – Real Estate Mgmt PT
ST Bus Mgmt – Law & Business
STM Business Technology Mgmt PT
STN Business Tech Mgmt – Grads PT
STT Business Tech Mgmt – Advanc PT


RAD Business & Arts
RAE Logistics & Supply Chain Manag
RD Business Administration (Honou
RDA BBA – Accounting Peterbor
RDB BBA – Entrepreneurship
RDC BBA – Ethics & Sustainability
RDD BBA – HR Mgmt Peterborough
RDE BBA – Info Systems & E-Comm
RDF BBA – Marketing & Consumer Cul
RDG BBA – Niigaaniiwin
RDH BBA – Finance
RDI BBA – Economics
RDO Business Administration
RJB Economics & Business
RJS Psych & Business BA Peterboro
RJW Psych & Business BSc Peterboro
RLA BBA – HR Mgmt Durham
RLB Business Administration – Mark
RLC BBA – Accounting Durham
RLD BBA – Comm
RLE BBA Info Sys & E-Comm Durham
RLF BBA Entrepreneurship Durham
RLO BBA – Legal Studies Peterbor
RLT BBA – Legal Studies Durham
RNA Post-Graduate Certificate in H
RNB Post-Graduate Certificate in M
ROB Arts/Business
ROO Science & Business
RRA Post-Graduate Certificate in H
RRB Post-Graduate Certificate in M
RRH Dual Post-Graduate Certificate
RSD Business $ Science
RXC Psych & Business BA Durham
RXE Psych & Business BSc Durham


WAB Arts & Business
WAC Waterloo-Honours Arts&BusPrg 2
WCF Computing & Financial Mgmt
WN Math/Chartered Prof Account
WSA Biotech/Chartered Prof Account
WXY Accounting & Financial Mgmt


EBD BR: Mgmt & Organizational St
ED Mgmt & Organizational Studies
EDN Mgmt & Org St – Non-Flight
EHD HR: Mgmt & Organizat Studies
EKD KG: Mgmt & Organizational St
EKF KG: Fin & Wealth Mgmt

Wilfrid Laurier

UAM Financial Mathematics BA
UB Business Administration
UBF BBA & Financial Mathematics
UBT Business Technology Management
UG Diploma in Business Admin
UMR Financial Math BA – Mgmt
UMS Financial Math BSc – Mgmt
URF Post Degree Studies – Business
USM Financial Mathematics BSc
UWB BBA & Computer Sci BCS
UXA BBA & Computer Sci BSc


NC Business Administration
NUB Undeclared Business


YBA Business Administration
YBH Business Economics
YBI Intl Business Administration
YBK Financial & Business Economics
YFB Commerce (BCom)
YFD Business & Society
YFL Human Resources Mgmt
YGE GL: Business Economics
YPJ Disaster & Emergency Mgmt
YRO Commerce – Qualifying Year
YRR Economics – Qualifying Year

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