Program Grouping – Computer & Information Science

Last updated: November 4, 2022


JAE Comp Sci Online Bridge Program
JEA Computer Sci BCoSc (4 yrs)
JFB Computer Science BSc (3 yrs)
JFC Computer Sci Brampton 4
JFE Computer Sci Brampton 3
JFF Computer Sci – Games Tech 4
JFG Comp Sci – Games Tech/Cr Arts
JFH Comp Sci – Mobile Software 4
JFI Computer Science – Gen Acceler
JFJ Comp Sci – Gen Accel Brampton
JFK Comp Sci Gen Acc Online Brampt
JFL Comp Sci Gen Accel Online SSM
JFM Comp Sci Co-op 4 yr SSM
JGB Computer Science BSc (4 yrs)
JIA Computer Sci BCoSc (3 yrs)


BG Computer Science
BGD Game Design
BGP Game Programming
BHG Math & Comp Sci Co-op only


CES Software Engineering
CIM Interactive Multimedia&Design
CIN Network Technology
COD Computer Sci – Honours
CON Computer Sci – Major


GBS Software Engineering
GCB BComp w/Diploma General
GCG General Bachelor of Computing
GCH BComp w/Diploma Honours
GCT Computer Science


AAV Computer Science Pathway
AG Computer Science


LCS Computer Science
LFC Computer Science (Arts)
LKS Computer Science – Game Design


MC Computer Science I
MCC Computer Science Coop I
MCD H Comp Sci as Second Degree
MCI Computer Science (> I)
MCO Computer Science Coop (> I)

Ontario Tech

DCD Computer Science (Co-op)
DGD Game Dev & Interactive Media
DIM Integrated Math & Comp S co-op
DIN IT – Ntwk & Info Tech Security
DIT Networking & Info Tec Security
DMC Integrated Math & Comp Sci
DMO Data Science (Co-op)
DOC Digital Media (Co-op)
DSC Computer Science Dip-to-Deg
DSD Computing Science
DSM Data Science
DSO Digital Media
DTM Technology Management


ORA Computer Science/Math
ORC Computer Sci Honours Specializ
ORE Computer Science Major
ORF Informatique (majeure)
ORH Informatique/Mathématiques
ORJ Informatique (spécialisé appr)


QD Computing
QDA Computing – Upper Yr
QDW Computing – 2nd Degree General
QDY Computing – 2nd Degree Honours
QXD Computing – QBridge


TAD Computer Science
TTW Bachelor of Information
TXC Comp Sci, Math & Statistics

Toronto Met

SAB Computer Science
SAE Computer Science PT


RCC Computing Systems
RCF Information Systems BA
RCM Comp Sci (HSc) Durham
RCW Computing Systems (Arts)
RCY Comp Sci & Phys Peterbo
RCZ Computer Science (Science)
RDT Data Science
RIB Info Sys & Bus – Durham
RIM Info Sys & Media – Durham
RJP Info Sys & Bus – Peterbor
RSC Comp Sci Peterborough
RSF Information Systems BSc
RSK Computer Science – Theoretical
RZH Comp – Software Engineering
RZJ Computer Sci – Data Analytics
RZK Computer Science Co-op
RZN Comp Sci & Forensics (BSc)


WBC Business Admin & Computer Sci
WCS Computer Science
WGM Geomatics
WSO Software Engineering

Wilfrid Laurier

UAC Computer Science BA
UDM Data Science Management Option
UDS Data Science
UFA Computer Science BSc
UFT Computer Science & Psych
UGM Game Design & Development
UML Computer Science BA – Mgmt
UMN Computer Science BSc – Mgmt
UMO Computer Sci & Psych – Mgmt
UWC Comp Sci & Physics Waterloo
UWM Comp Sci & Phys Mgmt Waterloo


NKN Undeclared Major
NKO Certificate Applied Info Tech
NT Computer Science


YFM Information Technology (BA)
YFW Information Technology (BCom)
YPK Computer Science (BA)
YPR Computer Security (BSc)
YPX Computer Security (BA)
YSG Computer Science (BSc)