Program Grouping – Fine and Applied Arts

Last updated: November 4, 2021


JAI Visual Arts (3 yrs)
JCA Fine Arts (Visual Arts)(4 yrs)


BMM Arts: Major in Music
BR Visual Arts
BT Dramatic Arts


CD Industrial Design
CM Music


AAC Media Studies
AAD Music
AAQ Visual Arts
ABE Media Studies Pathway


LAT Théâtre


MHI iArts (Integrated Arts)
MM Music I
MMH Music (> I)


PFA Bach of Fine Arts


HAD Advertising
HAU Advertising (>1)
HBA Printmaking & Pubs Articulatio
HBU Printmaking & Publications(>1)
HCA Crit & Curatorial Pr Articulat
HCD Cross-Disciplinary Art
HCP Criticism & Curatorial Practic
HCU Criticism & Curatorial Pr (>1)
HDA Drawing & Painting Articul
HDF Digital Futures
HDP Drawing & Painting
HDU Drawing & Painting (>1)
HEA Environmental Design Articulat
HED Environmental Design
HEU Environmental Design (>1)
HFA Faculty of Art
HFD Degree in Design
HGD Graphic Design
HGU Graphic Design (>1)
HIA Integrated Media Articulation
HID Industrial Design
HIG Indigenous Visual Culture
HIL Illustration
HIM Integrated Media
HIU Integrated Media (>1)
HLU Illustration (>1)
HMA Material Art & Design Articul
HMD Material Art & Design
HMU Material Art & Design (>1)
HNA Industrial Design
HNU Industrial Design (>1)
HOA Cross-Disciplinary Art Articul
HOU Cross-Disciplinary Art (>1)
HPA Photography Articulation
HPB Printmaking & Publications
HPR Printmaking
HPT Photography
HPU Photography (>1)
HRA Printmaking Articulation
HRU Printmaking (>1)
HSA Sculpture/Installation Articul
HSI Sculpture/Installation
HSU Sculpture/Installation (>1)
HTA Digital Futures Articulation
HTU Digital Futures (>1)
HUA Indigenous Visual Cult Articul
HUU Indigenous Visual Culture (>1)
HVC Visual & Critical Studies
HWC Creative Writing
HWU Creative Writing (>1)
HXA Diploma in Arts
HXD Diploma in Design
HXN Experimental Animation
HXU Experimental Animation (>1)
HZA Experimental Animation Articul


OUK Visual Arts (Major)
OVE Visual Arts (4 years)
OVN Theatre
OYP Théâtre
OZ Arts visuels (B.A.V.)
OZA Arts visuels (majeure)


QMT Music Theatre – St Lawrence
QT Fine Art (Visual Art)


SCD Creative Industries
SDK Performance Acting
SDL Performance Dance
SDM Performance Producton
SFF Fashion
SIR Interior Design
SPA Image Arts – Film Studies
SPC Image Arts – Photography St


TD Music Bac Music Education
TEV Visual Studies
TLB Visual Studies
TMT Theatre & Drama – Sheridan
TTT MS:Theatre & Drama
TUC Vis&Perf Arts, Arts Mgmt&Media


EAV Fine Arts – Studio

Wilfrid Laurier

UM Music
UNU Music – Mgmt
URE Diploma in Chamber Music


ND Acting
NDS Drama
NF Visual Arts
NFB BFA Visual Arts & Built Env
NFC Film Production BFA
NM Music
NX BEd/BA Drama
NXC BEd/BA Visual Art
NXM BEd/Music Education


YB Dance (BFA)
YD Design (BDES)
YEA Production
YEF Screenwriting (BFA)
YFA Digital Media
YGD GL: Drama Studies
YH Music
YJ Theatre
YJD Media Arts (BFA)
YM Studio Art (BFA)
YN Visual Arts (BA)
YRA Digital Media