Program Grouping – Music

Last updated: November 4, 2022


JAP Music (3 yrs)


BM Music


LMC Music


OME Music (4 years)
OMF Musique (4 ans)
OUC Music/Sci – Biochemistry
OUD Music/Science – Biology
OUE Music/Science – Chemistry
OUF Music/Science – Computer Sci
OUG Music/Science – Geology
OUH Music/Science – Mathematics
OUI Music/Science – Physics
OUJ Music/Science – Statistics
OVH Music (BA)
OYM Musique (B.A.)
OZH Musique/Sciences – Biochimie
OZI Musique/Sciences – Biologie
OZJ Musique/Sciences – Chimie
OZK Musique/Sciences – Géologie
OZL Musique/Sciences – Informatiq
OZM Musique/Sciences – Math
OZN Musique/Sciences – Physique
OZO Musique/Sciences – Stat


QM Music
QMQ Music – Upper Yr
QMS Bach of Music – 2nd Degree


TO Music – Artist Diploma
TX Music Bac Performance
TZ Music Bac

Toronto Met

SMU Professional Music


EM Music (BMus)
EMA Music (BA)
EMO Music Artist Diploma
EMS Music Administrative Studies

Wilfrid Laurier

UCM Community Music
UCO Community Music – Mgmt
URD PstDgr Ungrad St-Fac of Mus
URI Diploma in Opera
URJ Dip in Perform – Fac of Mus
URK Unclass Ungrad St-Fac of Mus