Program Grouping – Other


GJ General Studies
GND Non-Degree
GTM Turfgrass Management


MDA MELD iArts – Integrated Arts I
MDB MELD Business I
MDC MELD Computer Science I
MDD MELD Economics I
MDE MELD Env & Earth Sciences I
MDF MELD Health and Society I
MDG MELD Engineering I
MDH MELD Humanities I
MDI MELD Computer Science I Coop
MDK MELD (Kinesiology 1)
MDL MELD Life Sciences I
MDM MELD Math & Stats I
MDP MELD Chem & Phys Sci I
MDS MELD Social Sciences I
MDT MELD (B.Tech. 1)
MDV MELD B Tech I Automotive & Veh
MDW MELD Engineering I Coop
MDX MELD B Tech I Biotechnology
MDZ MELD B Tech I Process Automat
MLP Letter of Permission (> I)
MSD Second Degree (> I)


PBD Post Bacc Dip in Bus Admin
PBG Post Bacc Dip Marketing
PBH Post Bacc Dip Intl Business
PBJ Post Bacc Dip Hum Res Mgmt
PBM Post Bacc Dip Finance
PBN Post Bacc Dip Env & Sustain
PBO Post Bacc Dip Health & Social


OHC STP: Social Communication Cert
OPW STP: Innovation sociale (cert


RDS Special Student Durham
RSS Special Student
RTD Durham University Pathway
RTP Fleming University Pathway
RUJ Online Learning Peterborough
RUK Online Learning Durham

Wilfrid Laurier

UBH Certificate in Geomatics
UL Unclassified Arts
ULU Unclassified – Martin Luther
URG Unclassified Science
URL Unclassified Liberal Arts
URU Unclssfied Human & Social Scie


EBC BR: Prelim Year Co-educational


NMP Non-Degree/LOP/with Degree

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