Program Grouping – Physical Science

Last updated: October 28, 2020


JBJ Geography (4 yrs)


BBP Biophysics
BEG Environmental Geosciences
BJC Chemistry
BJP Physics
BO Geography BSc
BX Earth Sciences


CIP Optical Systems & Sensors


GSP BSc Physical Sci – Seneca


AAG Natural Science
AAK Physics
AAR Water Resource Science
AAZ Env Sci & Env St Pathway
ABA Env Sustainability Pathway
ABF Natural Resources Mgmt Pathway
ABG Natural Science Pathway
ABL Water Resource Science Pathway
AF Chemistry
AI Earth Science
AO Environmental Management
AP Environmental Sustainability
AQ Forestry
AT Geoarchaeology
AU Geography & Environment
AV Geology


LBI Biomedical Physics
LCY Chemistry
LEQ Environmental Science
LES Environmental Studies
LIO Biology – Ecology
LJS Environmental Geoscience
LPC Pharmaceutical Chemistry
LPW Physics
LTG Biology – Restoration Biology
LVI Earth Sciences
LZS Geography


MPS Chemical & Physical Sciences I

Ontario Tech

DSK Physics
DSW Pharmaceutical Chemistry
DSY Chemistry


OF Physique
OFA Physique-mathématiques
OUS Chemistry
OUU Geology
OUV Geology-Physics
OUX Physics
OUY Physics-Mathematics
OWO Environmental Geoscience
OWP Géologie environnementale
OZV Chimie
OZW Géologie
OZX Géologie-physique


SCH Chemistry
SMP Medical Physics


TMW Chemical & Physical Sciences
TPG Physical & Math Sciences
TSP Physical & Environmental Sci
TTM Materials Engineering
TXS Hon Bach of Science (Math)
TXU Hon Bach of Sci (Statistics)


RAV Env & Resource Studies
RCH Chemistry
RCU Forensics & Arts
REG Environmental Geoscience
RES Environmental Science/Studies
RGS Geography BSc
RHY Chemical Physics
RPY Physics
RSU Forensics & Science
RSV Env & Resource Science
RVC Environmental Chemistry


WEB Environment & Business
WER Environ Res & Sustainability
WG Geography & Environmental Mgmt
WPS Physical Sciences
WSE Environmental Science

Wilfrid Laurier

UCP Chemistry & Physics
UHC Chemistry
UHG Geography
UKC Chemistry & Mathematics
UMD Geography – Mgmt
UMJ Chemistry – Mgmt
UMK Chemistry & Mathematics – Mgmt
UMV Physics – Mgmt
UNC Chemistry & Physics – Mgmt
USP Physics


NFS Forensic Science
NLS Env Science & Env Studies
NSC Chemistry
NSP Physics


YS Geography (BSc)
YSC Chemistry
YSE Earth & Atmospheric Science
YSP Physics & Astronomy
YSU Undecided Major (BSc)