Undergraduate Confirmation Statistics

Last updated: September 15, 2021

Statistics for fall 2021 admission will be released on the following dates.

The statistics are cumulative as of the dates listed:

Important Background Information

Annual fluctuations in application volumes are a product of a number of factors and should be interpreted with caution.

  1. These confirmations are applicant acceptances for full-time, year-one, fall-entry, undergraduate university study.
  2. These figures represent the number of confirmed acceptances for undergraduate study at an Ontario university. Applicants can only accept one offer of admission at a time.
  3. The “Secondary School” category refers to the confirmations received from Ontario secondary school students who were registered in secondary school during the 2020-2021 academic year.
  4. The “Non-Secondary” category refers to all domestic and foreign confirmations for first-year university entry other than those applications received from Ontario secondary school applicants.
  5. There are many reasons for fluctuations in application volumes. Refer to individual university websites or contact their admissions or public relations offices for any further information. Do not refer to individual institutional figures without including the institutional commentary, as applicable.
Note: The universities’ comments on application statistics do not necessarily reflect the views of the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre or those of the Council of Ontario Universities.

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